10 Cliches About Love That We Wish Weren’t So True

When you hear cliches about love, all you want to do is roll your eyes. But when you’re not the awkward third wheel or bitter girl downing a bag of Lays alone in bed, those cliches can actually ring pretty true. When you’re hopelessly in love, those timeless cliches can start to feel a little less cheesy.



1. It’s Better To Have Loved And Lost Then To Never Have Loved At All
Just because the upward battle of a relationship ended up tumbling down in the end, it doesn’t negate its value! You’ve learned from your mistakes and broken heart, and that’s pretty valuable in itself!



2. Love Is Blind
You might like to think you’re someone who has physical “standards” and doesn’t settle. But sometimes, appearances come second, and you’re in love with what’s inside (even if the outside is just as sizzling). Unfortunately, this can also mean you don’t see past their shortcomings.

3. The Way To A Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach
All guys low-key want a second mom in a wife – if you take care of him in the kitchen and out of the kitchen, you’ll be his angel for life. Men love two things more than the rest: food and a beautiful woman, and when one is provided by the other, their brains explode.



4. I Love You, I’m Just Not In Love with You
Sometimes, you still care about someone, but that spark isn’t there that makes you want to be their honey for life. It’s not that you hate them, you just love them in a different way now.

5. You’ll Find Mr. Right When You Least Expect It
It’s scary how true this one can be, sometimes. When you’ve given up on romance all together, and started wearing your glasses out or focusing on work, late nights, rather than girls nights…Mr. Right will pop out of nowhere!



6. Absence makes the Heart Grow Fonder
It’s true that sometimes you don’t realize how much you appreciate someone until they’re gone. Absence can really make you realize how large your love is.

7. It’s Better To Be Happy Than Right
Pick your battles, right? Instead of focusing on winning, focusing on your happiness will nourish your soul more than nitpicking will. To keep the peace, sometimes you need to be cool with being wrong!

8. You Had Me At Hello
Sometimes it’s jut love at first sight! Many times, you hear people talking about how they met their first love, and often hear things like “I knew the first time I saw her that she would be my wife”. We guess, when you know, you know!



9. Love Conquers All
Even if a bunch of stuff in your life (or in this year’s case, the world) that isn’t amazing, having love for that special person in your life can help you feel as thought everything is going to be alright, no matter what.

10. Love Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry
Well, if you never say you’re sorry, you might get into some trouble. But sometimes, there’s that moment after the fight where both of you raise the white flag and no apology is necessary.