10 Irrational Fears All Guys Have In Relationships

We are used to thinking that girls are more vulnerable and emotional when it comes to relationship, but that isn’t quite so. Guys may be hiding it pretty well and deny it as much as they want, but the truth is they are just as scared to open up to another person as any of us, girls. Long-term relationships are also something most guys dread and would rarely consider as their cup of tea. Until, of course, they just happen to land into one. Here are 10 irrational fears all guys have in the relationship.



She’ll hurt him once he opens up
Trust is something that does not come easily to both men and women. Guys tend to be more guarded and protective of their personal space when it comes to letting someone in, but all those walls come crumbling down once they fall in love. That doesn’t deny the fact that the fear is still there on the subconscious level. Most guys are afraid that women will use their vulnerability against them and it takes a long time for that fear to go away.



She’ll use him
Guys are quite straightforward about what they want and what kind of relationship they are building, whether it’s a one-night stand or something more serious and long-lasting. With women, on the other hand, it may be hard to tell sometimes. What if she changes her mind suddenly? Or maybe it’s been all about the money? Or was she using him to get back at her ex? A lot of guys fear to discover there’s been some ulterior motive all along.


She’ll leave him for someone more attractive
We can talk all we want about looks that don’t matter, but for most people they still do! Whether it’s physical attractiveness in general or just a few special features that make a person seem attractive, appearance plays an important role when choosing a boyfriend or a girlfriend. That being said, guys tend to pay more attention to looks than girls. Just think about how many guys spend time in the gym to look gorgeous, while beautiful women still end up picking their mates not according to good looks, but rather based on a good character and kind heart. Nevertheless, many guys are afraid that their loved ones will compare them to other men and choose a more attractive boyfriend.



She’ll blackmail him using divorce
Some people manage to remain selfish even when getting into a relationship with another person. Many guys, especially wealthy ones, have a fear of being stuck with a manipulative woman who will use blackmail to make him do what she wants. When big money, kids, or family is involved, a divorce can become a devastating experience, not to mention the fact that you find out the person you love is capable of hurting you like this. If he’s a wealthy man who got married without a prenup, he’ll definitely feel insecure about the relationship.


He’ll wake up and realize the love is gone
We believe it’s something we all fear at some point. Most of the time we experience the fear of losing someone, but more often than not we are the ones that fall out of love. That’s what a lot of men are actually afraid of! That they will wake up next to a woman one day and realize there’s no love anymore and something has to be done about it. One way or another, both will get hurt in the end because that’s how breakups work.



She’s cheating on him and everyone knows about it
It is quite irrational because when someone’s cheating you can actually tell by all those small signs and changes in character that usually give cheaters away. Anyhow, the idea of a cheating girlfriend is not new, but a cheating girlfriend and the whole world knowing (and probably laughing) about it? Yeah, that’s a scary thought for sure.


She’ll leave him for a richer guy
If a guy has fears about his wealth and employment, he will naturally project them onto his partner. Guys who are having troubles with job or think they aren’t making a lot of money always feel afraid that a woman will leave them for a wealthier guy. In a way that makes sense, right? If you can’t provide for her then you’re not good enough for her. But not all women think like that and for most of us love comes first and the rest doesn’t really matter (at least to some point).


She’ll change drastically after they get married
Well, this one definitely has some truth to it. Many guys are afraid to commit for only one reason – their loved one will turn out to be someone else once things get official. Of course, living together as a married couple might not be as exciting as the first days of dating, with seeing her without makeup and wearing her pyjamas most of the time. Life can become a bit more boring, but it doesn’t have to be! There still is spontaneity, passion, and attraction after marriage – you just have to work on it a bit more. Still, many women tend to relax after marriage, neglecting their bodies and not making enough effort to make married life just as exciting as it used to be before marriage. This is definitely we all should ponder on!



She’ll get pregnant unexpectedly
We can’t say this type of fear is completely irrational because this can happen to anyone no matter how much protection you are using. Many guys have a fear of ending up with an unplanned pregnancy that can easily ruin the life of a couple (well, at least from their perspective). Not only are they afraid to make such a huge commitment, but they also can’t imagine taking the responsibility for the wife and child. Most of modern couples leave together unmarried and it works for them, but a new-born baby definitely makes this type of lifestyle impossible.


She’s faking it in bed
Guys are pretty serious when it comes to sex. Despite their huge egos (or maybe because of them) it’s really important that their woman is happy in bed. For many guys the worst fear ever is to find out that she’s been faking it in bed all along and he’s actually not as good as he thinks he is. Not being able to pleasure a woman is one of the biggest insecurities guys have in a relationship.