10 Kinds Of Guys To ABSOLUTELY Stay Away From

Our mommas always told us to stay away from the bad boys, but sometimes, we need a little more direction than that. Nobody’s perfect, but these are the guys that you definitely need to stay away from – and we think mom would approve.



1. Just Got Out Of A Relationship
Everyone needs space to be on their own after a relationship. Otherwise, you might turn into the rebound girl, and nobody wants that. A breather after a relationship lets you gain clarity and learn from your mistakes, and dating someone else might just make you repeat them.



2. Always In Relationships
This is connected to the last type of guy to avoid – the one that is addicted to dating and being in relationships, but they rarely last more than a couple of months. People who are constantly jumping from relationship to relationship can’t focus on improving their flaws, and just like the feeling of love instead of building a real, solid foundation with you.

3. The No Impulse Control Guy
This guy overreacts, starts fights, and gets angry really quickly. Avoid men with this sour temper – it’s stressful to deal with in social situations, and it’s only a matter of time before that temper turns on you as well! It might mean he has abusive tendencies, or is just impatient and childish – either way, cut him lose!



4. Mamas Boy
There’s nothing wrong with being close with your family, and if a guy respects and adores his mom, it’s a good sign that he will respect and adore you. But there’s such a thing as being too close. Especially when you’re in a relationship. If his mom is the main topic of conversation most of the time, or third wheeling your dates on the regular, it’s not a good sign.

5. The Ultimate Metrosexual
This guy is obsessed with his appearance, aka, himself. A narcissist who spends more time in the bathroom getting ready than you do. And spends more time on coordinating his outfit. If you’re both into that stuff, more power to you, but isn’t that what a gay best friend is for instead? You should get to be the glam one!



6. The Peter Pan
This guy has no immediate plans to grow up, and probably no future plans anyway. Right now, he’s probably in his thirties but still down for laser tag and a fire engine truck bed. He praises “holding on to your inner child” but we think he’s taking it a step too far.

7. The Fixer Upper
Women always see this man as the mirage in the distance – he always has potential to be an amazing partner, but is never quite there. Yet women are convinced that they can save these men and change them, shaping them into the perfect partner. But this never happens, and these guys just end up wasting your time.

8. The Cheap Guy
This guy is all about “going Dutch”. Halfsies is his memo on everything, even when he invites you out to dinner and a movie. Sometimes he will conveniently forget his wallet, and other times, he will grumble about a restaurant being too expensive. You will always be aware that this dude is on a penny pincher.



9. The Clinger
Nothing worse than a needy man! While our gender is typically accused of being overly emotional. You need to constantly give him validation and show him how much you care, and it can get exhausting. A guy who is independent and confident is much more attractive – an insecure man who always needs to lean on you will never be there for you to lean on him.

10. The Jealous/ Paranoid Guy
This guy will always suspect you of checking out other men, even if you have no interest in them. He will start fights with men who aren’t even interested in you, because he’s intimidated that you’ll be into someone else more than him. This paranoia is super frustrating and annoying to deal with – just another form of male insecurity. Might be flattering at first, but don’t bother.