10 Most Common Secrets Men Hide from Their Partner

Men already have this reputation of not being great at opening up. They don’t really talk about their feelings, they keep everything inside and rarely open up. Which leads us to believe they have a lot of secrets. Is that true? Well it really depends on the man. But we do think that there are a couple of things most men like to keep private, so let’s talk about the most common secrets men hide from their partners.



1. They Don’t Care About Details
Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship with a man long enough to get comfortable will know that men don’t really care about details. So when you tell them a story they couldn’t care less about exactly when it happened and who was there to witness it, what was the mood like, what you were wearing and so on. They just want to know what happened, so don’t waste your time on details and just cut to the chase.



2. First Date Conversations Are A Mystery To Them
Most men just have no clue when it comes to conversation on the first date. They don’t know what to say or what to ask and what to talk about. It’s way too awkward and painful for them because they’re not used to talking so much. That’s why a lot of men prefer going to the movies first and then going to dinner. It gives them a topic to discuss – the movie you both just watched. Some even go further and choose some crazy adventures activities for first dates so you don’t really have to talk that much at all.


3. They Don’t Like Doing The Dirty Work
As women we often complain that we have to cook and do the dishes and clean up and we don’t really like it. Well men also have chores that are traditionally men’s job, like taking out the trash, washing the floors or killing those scary spiders. They’re not fans of those either, but they don’t tell us cause they don’t want us to think they’re not manly enough.



4. They Lie Not To Fight
We think of men as being more confrontational than women, which might be true if they’re talking to other men. However, when it comes to having a fight with their partner they often would rather lie to keep the situation peaceful. They really don’t like fights with women and that kind of confrontation stresses them out.


5. Vanity Isn’t Just For Women
Most men also want to feel attractive and desirable. They just feel like they can’t talk about it openly because of fear of sounding vain. The reality is we all want to feel pretty and wanted and gender has nothing to do with it. So next time you see your partner – give them a compliment.



6. They Have Fantasies
Sexual fantasies are usually something that’s associated with women. As if we’re the only ones who make up all sorts of wicked scenarios in our head that we wouldn’t mind playing out in the bedroom. Men have those too, but they rarely talk about them, because they think fantasies are for girls.


7. They Cry Too
There’s a saying them men don’t cry, but it’s not true. We’re all human and we all have feeling and emotions. Men might not cry as often as we do, but they cry. The threshold for tears is different for everyone. Someone will only shed a tear at a funeral, others will cry tear up when they see their bride at the altar or when their kids make them proud, and some will crumble when watching Frozen. It’s all fine.


8. They Want To Feel Special
Men don’t talk about this, but they want to feel special too. They want to know that they’re not just like any other man you meet on the street to you, they want to know that you picked them to be your partner because you saw something special and different in them. So make sure to tell them how good they are at something every once in a while, or how special they are to you.



9. They Crave Affection Too
Men will often pretend like they don’t enjoy affection, like it’s something only girls want and they just put up with it. However the truth is they like it just as much as you do, they just think it’s not very manly to want cuddles all the time. So go ahead and initiate cuddles more often, they won’t mind.


10. They Have Guilty Pleasures
You know how men like to pretend that they only like watching sports and action movies? Well trust me they have guilty pleasures. Some of them definitely watch Cougar Town or Gilmore Girls, and some even secretly re-watch Desperate Housewives in their free time.