10 Questions to Ask a Guy You Just Met to Find Out Who He Is

It’s not that common these days to meet a guy without stalking him online first. We’re kind of used to learning a little (or a lot) about each other through our social media presence. All those pics on Instagram, posts on Facebook, funny quips on Twitter and even check-ins in various places paint us a picture of a person pretty well. And you know what? It’s comforting to know something about a person before you meet them. However this does mean that when we just meet someone IRL accidentally we feel a bit lost. So here are a couple of questions you can ask a guy you just met to find out who he is.



1. What Do You Do For A Living?
This is an oldie but a goodie. A person’s job tells you a lot about them. It’s also a good way to find out if they like their job or if it’s something they’re just doing in the meantime. A person who likes what they do will happily tell you about it, and someone who’s just in it to pay the bills will be less likely to want to talk about it.



2. Do You Have Any Pets?
A love for animals is also a pretty important factor for those who have pets. It’s an innocent question, but the way they answer will tell you a lot. Some people will start showing you pictures, other will say “oh I wish, but I can’t right now” and some will immediately say “No” and you can make your own conclusions from there.


3. What’s The Most Spontaneous Thing You’ve Ever Done?
This is one of those fun questions that can just be fun to discuss but at the same time you’ll learn about what kind of a person they are. Are they spontaneous and likely to do crazy things or are they more of a “I need to think about it and foresee all possible outcomes” kind of guy.



4. What’s Something About You That Would Surprise Me Most?
It’s fun to find out something surprising about another person, something they maybe don’t usually talk about. You never know where this question will get you, but it’s always something interesting. Perhaps he can play the banjo or maybe he’s got a soft spot for soap operas, the possibilities are endless.


5. What’s Your Biggest Pet Peeve?
Who doesn’t love discussing their pet peeves? You’ll immediately know if you two hate the same things or maybe this question will reveal that you have completely opposing opinions on the little things in life. Either way it’s a fun discussion to have.



6. What’s Your Favorite Childhood TV Show or Movie?
It’s one thing if you like the same TV show now, most people watch the same stuff these days, that’s the nature of marketing. Like who doesn’t watch Game of Thrones these days, am I right? But finding out their childhood faves is the best way to find out what kind of person they are. A fantasy geek? A softy who likes Disney? Or perhaps they’re a horror movie fanatic?


7. What Expectations Do You Have For Yourself?
It might be awkward to ask someone you’ve just met what they expect from you or a possible relationship. However, by asking them what expectations they have for themselves you’ll learns what’s important to them and it’ll give you a good idea of what they expect from others too.


8. What Would You Do If You Won a Million Dollars?
This question can really reveal a lot about a person. Perhaps he’ll say he’d like to travel the world, and you’ll know he has a passion for travel and adventure. Or maybe he’ll want to buy a house and a car and invest the rest of it, this way you know he’s more a of a family guy who thinks about the future. Maybe he’ll give some of it to charity or give it to his parents. All of this tells you a lot about him.



9. What’s Your Favorite Food?
It’s such a simple question but it can also be quite telling. First of all you’ll know if they’re a vegan/vegetarian or not, secondly you’ll know if they like simple comfort food or fancy gourmet meals, which tells you a lot about their tastes and lifestyle. Plus, this can always lead to the big debate of “should you put pineapple on pizza”.


10. Where Would You Want To Move?
A person’s dream destination is generally a good way of finding out what they strive for in life. Do they want to move to a fancy big city or move out to the countryside. Perhaps they’re into the idea of living somewhere where life is slower or simpler or maybe they crave a busy lifestyle of London or New York. It’s a fun subject to discuss.