10 Signs He Is Totally Into You

Dating is one of the most challenging parts of romance, but there are plenty of things you need to figure out even before you get to that stage. Does the guy like you? You’ve caught a few of his glances and he seems to be checking you out, so is that it? Or maybe he’s just bored and is looking around because he has nothing better to do? Reading guys might seem tricky at first, but only until you figure out what to look for. Women express more than 50 basic signs of interest in a man, whereas for guys it’s around 10. Yes, it is a bit simpler for guys to figure out whether they like a woman or not, at least in the beginning. Where girls tend to fall into the imaginary world of future romance, already planning a house with a white fence and a dog, guys are pretty straightforward – it’s either ‘I like her’ or ‘meh’, with just a few options in-between. So how do you figure out whether a guy likes you or not? Here are 10 signs he’s totally into you.



His body language is the key
This may be one of the most obvious things that will help you tell whether he likes you or not, but it never fails. Watching his body language can be tricky when you really like the guy – it can easily give away your interest. Nevertheless, it’s worth the risk! If he looks at you a lot, especially right into the eyes, it means he really likes you. Trying to get closer to you physically by leaning towards you when the two of you are speaking is yet another sign of his interest. When you meet him somewhere – watch what he does first. If he’s trying to smooth his hair or fix his shirt it’s a sign he thinks about his looks and wants to impress you.



He can change his plans just to meet with you
Have you noticed that when you really like someone you will do anything to meet with them at least for a little while? Well, it’s the same for guys, too! He’ll try to get closer to you any way possible, even if it means changing his usual schedule and shifting things here and there so the two of you could meet. Maybe he skipped his gym to meet you at a friend’s party? Or agreed to your last-minute invitation to go to the movies, like, right now? Then it’s a definite sign he has fallen for you.

He’s texting you all the time
It’s natural for both men and women to want to communicate more with the person they like. So if you suddenly find yourself texting with him all the time and talking on the phone more than you do with you BFF, then it’s a clear sign that something’s going on between you two. He wants to know more about you in order to get closer, and texting is one of the easiest things on Earth to do just that (with Messenger and a plethora of other messaging apps that help people connect). Texting may very well become the beginning of new relationships!



He likes to be with you around other people
Tête-à-tête meetings are one thing, but going together to public places is something completely different. If you have a tendency of meeting around friends a lot, watch how he behaves. If a guy likes you, he naturally wants to stand and walk near you. He would also want people to see you together, which is a signal to any ‘male predator’ out there that you are already with someone. It is both a gesture of ‘marking the territory’ and genuine happiness of just being with you because he likes not only how you look/smell, but also the whole package that goes with it.

He notices all the changes
We become really observant when we like something, and that includes a person we’re having a crush on! One of the most obvious signs he’s interested in you is the way he notices everything – your new look, haircut, bad mood, or exceptionally good one, or any other thing that’s happened to you recently. When you care about someone – you just do! It’s hard to fake it and, frankly speaking, people rarely do that. So if he’s interested in you and things that are going on in your life right now, he probably likes you very much!



He’s looking for body contact
This is yet another subconscious desire that is almost impossible to control when a guy likes you. He just wants to touch your hand and maybe hug you little bit longer when you say goodbye – whatever it is you’ve probably already noticed it by now! He probably likes to hold his arm around you and can gently push you from time to time like he would a friend, but slightly different…the signs are there, you just need to pay a bit of attention to notice them!

He subconsciously copies you
It’s one of the most obvious tells, but we all do it when we are around a person we like. Watch him closely – does he sit in the same position as you? And maybe he crosses his legs immediately after you do it? If he has a tendency to mirror your movies, it’s one of the surest signs he finds you attractive. You can also play this game and smooth your hair when he does it, or copy any other action of his to show him that you’re interested in him as well.

He likes the same things as you
Whether he simply acts interested or is genuinely into the same things you care about – it’s an incredibly good sign. Especially if he hasn’t acted that way before! When we like someone we want to be closer and share our experiences with the person. So, naturally, he wants to know all about your hobbies and even tries to engage in the same activities as you. Is he asking you to go to the theater, although he has never expressed interest in it, but you really enjoy watching plays? Or maybe he wants to go to that book club meeting of yours you talk about all the time? Whatever it is, if he’s interested in it, it’s a sign he’s really falling for you!



His friends probably already know it
When hanging out with his friends, take a closer look at their reactions. Both guys and girls share stuff with their friends, including new crushes! If they start teasing him when you’re around – that’s an incredibly good sign that he’s spilled everything to them and now they just have to make fun of him a little bit (because that’s what friends are for!).

He likes to look into your eyes
If there’s one thing that can be defined as the #1 love sign, it’s eye contact. When you look into someone’s eyes it’s impossible to hide anything, especially if you don’t really want to. Long eye contact is a sign of pure, genuine attraction, and the longer you gaze into his eyes, the more you are attracted to each other! Oxytocin immediately kicks in and the two of you start falling into the deep well of intimate connection. Yep, from that point it’s unavoidable! If you’ve ever had such moments with the guy you like – you need to worry no more! He’s 100% into you.