10 Signs He’s Good For Friendship But Not For A Relationship

We’ve all been in this situation: you have a very attractive friend and you seem to always hang out together and you get along well, and all your friends keep teasing you, asking, “When will the two of you start dating?” Well the thing is, sometimes it might seem like a good idea from an outside perspective, but for those in that situation there’s usually a reason or two why you’re still just friends. Here’s a handy list, in case you’re not sure what those reasons are.



1. Your whole relationship is just based on jokes, laughs and complaints about life. Sure, most relationships involve that, but it’s hardly enough to start dating someone. You need attraction, passion, perhaps even some sexual tension.



2. You can’t imagine sleeping together. Sex is a pretty big part of any relationship and if you can’t even imagine it, or the idea of it makes you feel queasy and you think it’ll be super awkward – you know it’s not gonna work out.


3. Peer pressure from your friends isn’t a good idea to start dating someone. If you don’t really jump of joy at the idea, you shouldn’t pursue it just because your friends want you to.



4. You tried and failed to date before. Many good friendships start out as a date, but then both parties realize they’re better off as friends. There’s a reason for it. Don’t ruin it by trying again.


5. You’re in different places in your life. One of you might be ready to settle down, and doing that with a friend might seem like a good idea, but the other one might still want to just date around, experiment, find themselves. There’s really no compromise to be reached here and one of you will end up hurt. So yeah, not a good idea.



6. He’s not a very stable person. A lot of girls think that if their good friend is in trouble they will be able to help him out, but the truth is getting into a relationship with someone going through a hard time, mentally or otherwise, isn’t really a good idea.


7. You never hang out one-on-one. If your group of friends thinks you’re made for each other, but the two of you never hang out on your own, they’re probably wrong. Maybe both of you just thrive in a group setting, but really you don’t have that much in common.


8. You’ve seen him in other relationships and you don’t like how he behaves or treats his ex-girlfriends. That’s very important. If he’s horrible to other women, that’s on him. Them being a bad match is a stupid excuse.



9. You have different goals. I mean, this is pretty obvious, you don’t need to get into a relationship with someone if both of you ultimately want different things. For example, if your goal is to have a career and a family and his biggest goal is to go surfing in Australia – it probably won’t work out.


10. You never felt jealous about him. We’re not saying jealousy is key in a relationship, but if you’ve known the guy for a while and seen him with different girls and never felt even a tiny little bit jealous, you’re probably not interested in him in that way.