10 Signs He’s NOT Husband Material

Let’s face it: some men are better for staring at and having casual fun with, while others give you more of a perma-bae, husband vibe that definitely won’t ghost you. Here are some signs that he might not make the most amazing hubby.



1. He prefers to play video games and is obsessed with them over all other things, i.e it gets in the way of cleaning the house, gets in the way of his job and your alone time together



2. He stares at women when they walk by, and instead of staring deeply into your eyes on a date, he’s looking down someone’s dress too deeply to give you the time of day. We wouldn’t suggest even dating this guy, regardless of marrying him!


3. He chooses his friends over you. While you should always maintain your own friendships outside your relationship, if he’s prioritizing his boys over you before you tie the knot, you probably won’t be his priority after.



4. He doesn’t listen you and calls you a nag. While we’re all guilty of selective listening, being tuned but when you are expressing something important to you is a really bad foundation for a marriage.


5. He has disrespectful views and opinions on women that aren’t you. If he isn’t chivalrous to women and talks badly on ones that he doesn’t know, then he needs to be taught a lesson and shouldn’t be made a husband.



6. He has issues with your friends and family. He should only be supportive of these things, and if he’s causing strife with your support network, cut him loose! If he’s not trying to make progress with them, he doesn’t care enough to be a husband.


7. He keeps secrets from you that you’ve found out, and it’s happened more than once. We all make mistakes, but being deceptive in a relationship is a number one no-no. If he dodges questions and stays vague, say no to the proposal!


8. You guys are constantly fighting. Laughing more than you fight is one of the main staples of being in a relationship and keeping you in one, but if you’re having more toxic fights than loving moments, it won’t get better in marriage.



9. He isn’t motivated at all. He’s a couch potato who doesn’t like doing anything productive, furthering his education, or climbing the career ladder. He’s happy with just settling, and you need a husband who is open and excited about growth.


10. He criticizes your body or appearance. If he truly loves you, he won’t care about makeup, hair, or if you’ve gained a few pounds. And he definitely won’t have the audacity to say anything about it. If he doesn’t accept you as is, say goodbye. You’re not an object.