10 “Taboo” Things That Can Actually Improve Your Relationship

For years, there have been debates and conventions about what makes a relationship, or the perfect couple. There are some things that we simply don’t due in our relationships due to societal constraints. But not doing these things is preventing us from thriving in our relationships. So here are some taboo things that you should try out and reap the beautiful benefits from.



1. Not texting or being in contact constantly. This way, you can make other activities more meaningful and be present there, as you should be in your relationship. Not carelessly firing off emojis all day to a point that it’s annoying.



2. Sleeping separately! For anyone that sleeps with a snorer or something that violently tosses and turns, this might sound incredible. While concern can arise about if it will affect your intimacy, separate sleeping arrangements can be mutually beneficial. A well-rested couple is a happy couple, after all.


3. Liking different things. While a couple of common hobbies are essential to a relationship, having your own idea of what’s fun, and different interests can help your relationship thrive.



4. Going on business trips or vacations on your own. Back in the day, tittering housewives may have gossiped that this means your man is cheating on you or vice versa, but traveling solo and having your own adventures can actually be very beneficial. So spend the weekend apart and don’t stress about it!


5. Doing your own thing socially once in a while instead of just always bringing your partner along. Not bringing them doesn’t mean you’re engaging in something illicit, it just means you’re comfortable in your own identity, and it’s a healthy activity.



6. Being a not totally open book about your past. If it’s a deal-breaking or something that may affect your relationship, by all means, please don’t omit. But if you feel like the past may hinder your present, or you’re not ready to share, don’t stress about it! It doesn’t make you dishonest.


7. Trying dirty talk or experimenting with something that makes you feel awkward in the bedroom. You can expand your sexual experiences together, and even giggle about it! Being pen in this world will make it less scary to ask for what you want, and figure it out.


8. There’s another type of talk you can do regarding sex that isn’t dirty talk, and that’s just simply chatting about your sex life. It might seem more romantic to just have spontaneous, wild moments and let the chemistry speak, but communicating about your intimate life is essential to lasting as a couple and building your relationship on a strong foundation.



9. Being in a long distance relationship. There’s a lot of stigma around it, but in the long run, it can strengthen your communication, patience, and revalidate your love for each other. Quality time is important, but don’t listen to what others say. Your relationship is your relationship, and you’re in total control of it.


10. Discussing finances without tip-toeing around the other person. If you’re going to get married or want to thrive in married life, the ability to discuss finances is important. Whether you and your partner grew up with nothing or with privilege, it’s a vital but uncomfortable discussion topic that will make you closer, in the end.