10 Things A Woman Will Do Only When She’s Truly In Love

here are different types of love and as you go through relationships you learn to differentiate them. With some men you feeling yourself more like a friend with great benefits, while others treat you like a princess in constant need of attention. Men are different, women are different, so no wonder the relationships vary, too! But when you truly fall in love all that doesn’t really matter that much. The roles you play or the intricacies of your characters aren’t that important when your heart is filled with pure, agonizingly bright love. That’s when you start doing the most remarkable (and sometimes silly) things. Here are 10 things a woman will do only when she’s truly in love.



She becomes romantic in a cheesy way
You know how all those Valentine Day’s heart-shaped presents and date ideas for love birds used to make you cringe? Well, all of that changes once you fall deeply in love. Okay, maybe not all, but a considerable amount for sure. You start looking at things from a different perspective and sometimes you don’t mind getting all cheesy romantic, buying your boyfriend sweet little presents or surprising him with a romantic venue for your dinner. Guys get like that, too! Those romcoms aren’t based on fantasy alone.



She travels more because of his wanderlust
And vice versa! Yes, falling in love doesn’t mean that your personality changes. But it does a little bit, at least at first. You might be a home girl fond of spending quiet evenings with books, and then you meet this wonderful guy who’s really into adventure and suddenly you find yourself hiking somewhere in the mountains in full gear. Things like that happen all the time! And they’re not necessarily bad because you become more open to new opportunities and experiences with the person you truly care about.


She’ll learn to cook (or at least try to)
Cooking may not be your thing and it may remain totally not being your thing, but you’ll definitely have the urge to at least to try and cook something for your boyfriend. Taking care of your partner is one of the most basic relationship rules we start following on a subconscious level. We care about what he eats, how he sleeps, and whether he gets enough rest. It’s totally natural! But if your partner is a better cook than you, feel free to lend him your helping hands and not play the chef yourself.



She’ll move into his place
Moving in is a great game-changer at any stage of relationship. Both men and women like their own space and once you start living together there becomes naturally less of “I” and more of “Us”. This is an amazing thing and a next step in your relationship, but it can also be stressful for both you and your partner. That’s why if you’re willing to move in, it means that things have finally gotten serious.


She eats everything he makes
Your boyfriend might not be the greatest cook in the world, but he cares about you and makes all his food with love. That’s why you’ll gladly eat it even if it doesn’t taste like something made in a restaurant. This shows him that you really care and appreciate his efforts. This also means that you’re truly-madly-deeply in love!



She texts him all the time
It becomes so hard to stay away from each other that you continue your communication during the day with all those little Iloveyou’s and various casual stuff you feel like discussing at the moment. You probably used to think that such people were quite annoying, but now you are that person! And you think it’s the sweetest thing in the world to be able to talk to him even when he’s not around. Yep, that’s what true love does to a person.


She posts about him on social media
Yes, it may annoy some people, but you’ve gone past caring about that. You are in love and simply want to share it with the world. You post pictures, romantic photos, and even change your status on Facebook. It’s important to show that your life has changed and he is the exact reason of that change.


She starts thinking about the future together
Naturally, when you’re in love you feel like this could go on forever and there’s no reason in the world why it shouldn’t! You might not plan your future wedding (yet), but you already so into him that you want to travel together, try new things, eat new dishes, and, well, simply enjoy your life. Being truly in love makes you dwell on good things, which turns you into a really happy person in general.



She has the urge to try new things
New relationships mean new interests, hobbies, and possibilities. All those new experiences come into your life with that wonderful man you chose. Naturally, you get more curious and adventurous, although you may have been more reluctant to try new things before. He might offer you to take up a new hobby together and you’ll gladly agree because it promises to be so much fun.


She moves to another city for him
One of the biggest tests in relationship is when you don’t live in one city or, what’s even more challenging, one country. There just comes a point when you need to decide whether you try to maintain a long-distance relationship or you love him enough to change your whole life and move into a new place. Well, you boyfriend can do the same for you, it all comes down to which one of you is more flexible with work. If you find yourself willing to leave everything you know behind to go and be with him – this is definitely true love.