10 Things Men Do When They’re On The Verge Of Breaking Up With You

When you’re in love it’s really hard to acknowledge that your relationships aren’t going as smoothly as you expected. We tend to delude ourselves, convincing all the people around us that everything’s fine, when in fact it’s far from it. There are signs that can help you prepare for things to come and avoid unnecessary pain. At least you’ll know that something is wrong! Guys can be good at conceiving their emotions for a long time before they explode, that’s why it’s important to pay close attention to everything that’s going on with your man. Has he been moody lately or especially quiet? These small details will tell you if he’s about to break up with you or not.



It just doesn’t feel right anymore
Sometimes you just feel that something’s off. There’s no way you can fake a successful relationship because you are either happy or not and that’s it. Your intuition is wise enough to send you messages that you’re approaching a crisis. Try to talk with your boyfriend before you do any harsh moves, but if he doesn’t open up about his issues, it’s best that you prepare for the worst.



He really doesn’t care
When you’re in love with someone you want to be as close to that person as possible. And you definitely wouldn’t like your other half to spend time chatting with other guys. If you’ve noticed that he really doesn’t care about the things that meant a lot to him (like you having breakfast together every day) then it’s a sure sign he’s lost interest.


He’s annoyed all the time
Whether you want to go on a date, watch a movie at home, or simply spend some time cuddling, he always seems to be irritated by whatever you propose. He might just need space and time for himself, but if this happens on a daily basis, you might think about flying solo for a while.



He spends more time with his family
This is definitely not a bad thing in general because our families are really important, but if he’s hanging out with them and doesn’t invite you to tag along, there’s a chance he’s talking about you and various relationship issues. Families make us feel calm and secure, which is exactly what he needs if he’s planning on breaking up with you.


He reaches out to his ex
Yes, they might still be good friends, but if you feel that your relationships aren’t making him happy, then reaching out to his ex-girlfriend might be a sign he’s thinking about leaving you. He’s definitely confused about what to do next and whether you are his one and only. It’s best to not make a scene, but rather talk to him in a calm manner. You’ll have to be strong if you want to work on your relationships!



He doesn’t talk about the future
Whether it’s something as simple as traveling together to a place you’ve never been to, or something as serious as having kids or moving in together, if he’s stopped talking about your future together then he probably doesn’t see himself spending the rest of his life with you. Try talking about your future plans and pay close attention to his reaction.


He spends a lot of time with female friends
If he doesn’t really care about how it makes you feel and spends a lot of time with female friends then it’s a sure sign that things have changed and you don’t mean as much to him anymore. He can also talk to them about his relationship issues trying to figure out what to do next, but it’s best not to come up with excuses for him. It’s a path that leads nowhere good!


He doesn’t care if you like him or not
No matter how long we’ve been in a relationship it’s always important what our partner thinks about us. That’s why grooming is a must! If he has stopped ‘chasing’ you it either means that he feels safe in a relationship or that he simply doesn’t care anymore. The same goes for compliments! It’s a really bad sign if he has stopped talking about how beautiful you are.



He’s working more than usual
It’s natural for us to avoid the things that make us unhappy, that’s why if he’s started working more than usual, it’s a sure sign he’s struggling with your relationships. He’ll probably start spending more time with his co-workers, end up staying late at the office, and will even do some work-related things during the weekend. If your man has these symptoms, it’s time to have a serious talk!


You don’t make love anymore
If you’ve stopped sleeping together, then this is probably it. Of course, there are different kinds of intimacy and you shouldn’t rely on sex alone to define your relationships, but the truth is if you love someone you want to be with them as much as possible. It’s as simple as that! If you haven’t made love for a while, it’s time to face the bitter truth about your relationships.