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10 Things That Can Help You Understand How Strong Your Relationship Is


Every relationship is different and unique, because every single person is different and one of a kind. But there are some things that are true in one way or another across all relationships. Things like love, trust, respect – they’re universal and key to any good relationship. So if you’re not sure about your relationship, or perhaps you just want to go down a checklist and pat yourself on the back on how awesome you are as a couple, we’ve compiled a list of things that can help you understand how strong your relationship really is.



1. You Have A Couple’s Ritual
Rituals are important, they show that both of you are interested in doing the same thing and value each other’s time and company. These rituals can be something like ordering takeout every Wednesday, or going out to catch a movie every Saturday or even something as small as making dinner together or having coffee in bed on Sundays.



2. Your Lives Are Intertwined
When you’re in a serious relationship you get really involved with each other. That means that you listen to each other’s problems, you know each other’s friends, you worry about each other’s family.


3. You Have More Fun Than Fights
Generally relationship therapists agree that 5 to 1 is a good ratio. So if you have 5 good days and 1 bad (one where you fight), or just 5 moments of joy and happiness to 1 argument – you’re doing great. It’s important to remember that everyone bickers occasionally but as long and good things outweigh the bad – it’s all good.



4. Your Fights Are Fair
When you do have a fight – you’re fair. You don’t intentionally try to hurt the other person and don’t use their weaknesses against them. You’re aware that certain things are off limits and sensitive issues should never be brought into an argument.

5. It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Right
When you’re having an argument or a fight, it doesn’t matter to you who wins or who’s right. It’s just about getting to the bottom of it and resolving the problem at hand. You listen to each other and try to understand each other’s point of view and see if you can find a compromise.




6. You’re Comfortable Around Each Other
We all have certain things we’re a bit sensitive about, some complexes and bad feelings about certain parts of our bodies that we wouldn’t want to draw attention to or even show to other people. But if you feel completely comfortable with your partner and forget about those issues when you’re with them – you’ve got a strong relationship.

7. You Stand Up For Each Other
If your relationship is strong you’ll always be ready to stand up for your partner. Even if at that moment you’re having a fight – you’ll still have their back if someone else is being rude or trying to hurt or offend them.

8. Silent Treatment Is Not Part Of Your Process
Whenever people give each other silent treatment it means that they’re not willing to hear or talk to the person they’re in conflict with, they don’t care about resolving the problem. So if you don’t give each other the silent treatment and instead choose to talk things out – it’s a good sign.



9.You Can Predict Each Other’s Actions and Reactions
A lot of people think that it’s bad to be predictable. They think it means you’re boring and there’s no more fun to be had. But in long term relationships, being able to predict each other is a sign of knowing your partner well and tending to their needs before they even realize what they need themselves.


10.You Plan For The Future
The fact that you’re planning for the future together means a lot. Even if you have fights, but after them you still talk about wanting to live together or move together to a different country or even go on a trip in a couple of months means that you understand that everyone has their ups and downs but you don’t see them as a huge problem and are willing to work on your differences.