10 Things To Do Around Him To See If He’s Interested

I’m a firm believer that if you’re interested in a guy you shouldn’t wait around, instead go ahead and make that first move. It’s 2018, we no longer have to wait around for men to approach us, we can take the lead if we want to. However, I also see how it could be a little awkward and uncomfortable, especially if you don’t know the guy very well and therefore you don’t know if he’s even interested or not. And while rejection is a normal thing and we should all learn to cope with it and move on, nobody really wants to face rejection. So here are a couple of tricks that you can use around the guy you like to see if he’s interested before you decide if you should make your move.



1. Make Eye Contact
It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. If you make eye contact with a guy across the room and he doesn’t look away it’s a good sing. It works pretty much the same if you’re already talking to him. Just look him in the eye and continue the conversation, if he doesn’t look away, smiles or blushes – you know he’s into you.



2. Smile At Him
Smiling at a guy and seeing if he reciprocates is another good way of seeing whether he’s interested. If a guy completely ignores it, or looks away – he’s probably not interested. But if he smiles back and keeps looking at you it’s a pretty good indication that he likes you.


3. Get Into His Personal Space
We’re all very protective of our personal space and we don’t like it being invaded, unless it’s someone super hot and attractive – then we tend to not mind as much. Use this to test out if a guy likes you – just stand closer to him than you usually would and see if he minds. If he stays right where he is – you know he doesn’t mind you getting up close and personal.



4. Leave The Room
Alternatively you could try seeing if he’s interested by making eye contact and leaving the room to see if he comes to find you. If you’re in conversation with him – even better. Make some excuse and leave the room for a little while, or find a friend to talk to. This will give you a great opportunity to see if he comes looking for you or gets excited to see you when you return.


5. Tell A Bad Joke
If you already have a stellar sense of humor it might be difficult to see if he likes you, because he’ll be laughing at good jokes either way. But if you make a bad joke and he still laughs or at least try to save you by making another bad joke himself – you know he likes you.



6. Speak Softly and Quietly
Being loud to get someone’s attention isn’t always the best tactic. In fact, speaking softer and more quietly makes more sense because then you’ll see if he makes an effort to hear you and talk to you. Plus, if he’s interested he’ll probably come closer to hear you better.


7. Keep Some Distance
It’s hardly a secret for anyone that if you like someone you want to be physically close to them, so one good way of testing if a guy is interested is to try and keep your distance when walking with him or standing a little too far when talking to him. If he comes closer – he’s interested.


8. Use Social Media
If you’re interested in someone – like a couple of his posts on social media, not too many, but enough to let him notice you. Chances are that he’ll reciprocate by doing the same thing if he’s interested or maybe even comment on something you’ve posted. That’s a good sign that he’s interested and you can then slide into DMs.



9. Ask Him To Meet Friends Of Family
If you’ve been hanging out with a guy but aren’t completely sure about his intentions try inviting him out to meet your friends or family. Make it something chill and last minute like a BBQ or a picnic, something that won’t make him feel like it’s a big deal and he’ll feel welcome. If he’s excited about it and chooses to come – you know he’s into you.


10. Flirt Shamelessly
Flirting is the most surefire way of finding out if they guy is interested. If he responds and flirts back – you’ve got his attention. If he dismisses it, oh well, you gave it a shot and he’s not interested, it’s not a big deal.