10 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Funny Guy

At times, dating a funny guy can get a bit annoying. They laugh off the serious talks, and can be a goofball at moments that aren’t the most opportune. But a funny guy will always bring you out of a funk and make you laugh when you forgot you had the ability to. A funny guy is complex but worth the long haul, and here’s how to handle being in a relationship with one.



1. They’ll always cheer you up. If you’re stressed or in a grouchy mood, the funny guy will alleviate that dark cloud in no time.


2. He’ll make a hilarious plus one and make dinner parties way better. Boring event? Bring your man along!



3. On the downside, he will make jokes out of serious talks, and can’t resist it. It can be a bit of a defense mechanism.


4. He will probably judge the TV shows that you watch with his comedic elitism, so get ready for that petty argument!

5. Since he’s cool with being the funny guy, at awkward family events, the spotlight is off you, so at least that pressure is gone. Thanksgiving, here we come!


6. He will make great travel buddies because they get everyone laughing and comfortable. Making new friends isn’t something you need to worry about with this guy.



7. He’s easy to get along with and isn’t about the drama. Instead, his humor diffuses tense scenarios!

8. He will most likely pull a prank on you, so if you’re not cool with that, don’t go for a funny guy. Sometimes it might make you laugh, other times you might chase him down the street.


9. He’s actually secretly sensitive and isn’t funny 24/7, so don’t put pressure on him to be that constant funny guy like a performing monkey.



10. Most funny guys take a while to piss off – don’t test your limits, because there might not be any coming back once you cross a boundary, but generally since he uses humor to deflect situations – they’ll just smile and joke it off instead of yelling at you.