10 Things Your Boyfriend Will Say If He Is Truly-Madly-Deeply In Love With You

We all understand that being in a relationship is not all roses – there are issues you need to deal with on a daily basis and problems that need solving as well. But putting that aside, there’s a whole bunch of benefits that await you once you’ve found that Prince Charming who’s everything you’ve ever dreamed about. But how to know whether he’s also head over heels in love with you? Well, we can easily help you with that! There are some phrases men say only when they’ve really fallen for a woman, almost to a point of no return. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the simplicity of those phrases! You must have heard at least some of them by now, but it still wouldn’t hurt to check once more. Who knows, maybe he loves you much more than you thought was possible? Or maybe he’s not really that much into you? Here are 10 things guys say only when they are truly, madly, deeply in love with someone.



‘You are the best thing that has ever happened to me’
Obviously you love him and you believe he’s totally changed your life for the better, so it’s always nice to find out he feels about the same as you do. If he has never said anything like this, you should probably pay a closer attention to your relationships. Is everything going on well?



‘I still can’t believe how beautiful you are’
It’s such a simple phrase that guys often forget how important it is for women to hear them say it. Obviously, he wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t think you were the prettiest thing on Earth, but it wouldn’t hurt to hear him say it either! If he has never acknowledged your beauty, maybe he’s not that into you after all.

‘My mom will definitely like you’
Moms play a pretty important role in the life of any man or woman, boy or girl. If you haven’t seen the lady yet, then you’re about to at some point in time. Either way, it’s quite a nerve-wrecking experience and it would be really lovely to hear your boyfriend say something like this.



‘I will support you no matter what’
If you are an ambitious woman thriving to build a successful career, it’s really important to have the support of your other half. It goes far beyond career choices as the two of you are sharing your life together and everything you do naturally affects both of you. Hearing him say ‘I support you’ is like getting a strong cup of coffee after a sleepless night. Obviously, you have to support him back on all his endeavors. This is how long-lasting relationships are built!

‘I’m so happy to be with you’
This is one of those things that should happen naturally if the two of you are happy together. Because when you’re happy, you want to share that joy with the person that caused all of this. And what best way to express it than just saying it out loud? Of course, there are other ways, but if you’ve been with your boyfriend for quite some time now and he hasn’t said that to you even once, then the two of you are probably in trouble.



‘I want to stay with you forever’
Okay, guys may not be that dramatic about love and relationships, but they certainly do think about the future, sometimes even more than women! Be sure he’s already imagined what it would be like living together with you and he probably liked what he saw. So if you ever hear a guy say something along those lines, that’s when the things finally get real.

‘Last night was amazing’
Or any other night for that matter. It’s really important to understand whether the two of you are actually happy in bed. Sometimes it’s quite obvious, but other times you will fall asleep wondering. That’s why it’s great when you talk about intimate things and build a bond that is strong both physically and emotionally.

‘I want you to meet my friends’
You’ll definitely hear this at some stage of your relationships, if you haven’t already. Friends are important to guys just as they are important to women. They are like second family and if he’s really serious about you, you’ll get to meet, spend some time, and hopefully like his friends. This works both ways, so make sure you do the same!



‘You’re my best friend’
This is something not many guys can say to a woman because guys’ besties are usually male, but if it so happens that the two of you develop such a deep connection – then we can only congratulate you. Being best friends AND lovers is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a couple. You’ll have all the benefits of these two types of relationships, which means twice as much happiness!

‘I’m always there for you’
If a guy ever tells you something along these lines, it means you can share your darkest and deepest secrets with him. He’s not afraid of responsibility and is willing to share everything you’re going through in life, whether it’s an angry boss at work or some old trauma you haven’t shared with anybody. If you ever hear a guy say this – you need to think no more. He’s definitely the one!