10 Ways Making More Money Than Your Boyfriend Affects Your Relationship

As a strong independent woman in 2018 you might think that the notion of earning more than your boyfriend shouldn’t really bother anyone, especially your significant other. I mean, what’s there to complain about? He should be that lucky, considering that the pay gap is still very much prevalent and earning more than a man is more of a lucky strike in this day and age, than it is the norm. However, some men still feel weird about it. Let’s discuss how making more money than your boyfriend can affect your relationship, both in a negative and a positive way.



1. It Highlights The Outdated Norms
We all want to think that we’ve all moved past the traditional relationship roles by now, but the truth is, there’s still a bunch of people who live in the past. You might find out that your friends, family and perhaps even your boyfriend are still clinging to the outdated beliefs that the man should be the provider in the family.



2. Family Tension
This is a direct result of the previous point we made. In some cases, these outdated standards may even cause family tension, where your relatives might think it’s not great for you and your partner to be together, because they believe you can do better, or that the guy you chose is not good enough just because he makes less money.

3. Self-Esteem Issues
Some men might even develop self-esteem issues. It’s ridiculous but it’s true. A man’s psyche can be a fragile thing. If they’re used to being the provider and the one to be in charge all the time, this shift in the dynamic of a relationship can damage their ego a little bit.



4. Intimacy Problems
There are some man that claim they just lose their libido, because of how bad they feel about earning less. Somehow making less money than their girlfriend makes them feel like less of a man and they end up feeling less confident and not able to perform in bed.

5. Resentment
In rare cases, earning less makes men resent their significant other. They start harboring feelings of hate and anger towards their girlfriend, even though they know they shouldn’t and that it doesn’t make sense.



6. You Realize What Matters
On the bright side, the difference in paycheck makes both of you realize what’s really important in life. You start to understand that life isn’t about flashy gifts or big gestures. It’s about how you feel about each other and the little things in life.

7. You Learn Why You Love Each Other
When you earn more than your boyfriend, you both learn why you really love each other. Men don’t have to worry if the woman is with them because of their money, and women don’t have to constantly depend on their boyfriend for financial support.

8. It Evens Out The Playing Field
You basically say goodbye to gender norms. Men no longer expect you to cook them dinner every night or clean up the apartment. In fact, they might even surprise you with a breakfast in bed once in a while.



9. You Get To Be The One To Treat Him
Sometimes it’s nice for a woman to be able to treat their man with a nice gift or take him out on a date. Not only does it feel good to treat your significant other, but it can also make you feel empowered.

10. You Feel Secure In Your Future
When you earn more, you know you’ll be able to support yourself no matter what. It alleviates the tension that sometimes exists when men think they’re supposed to constantly think about how they’re gonna provide for the family. It also makes you feel more confident in your abilities and plans for the future.