10 Ways To Tell Your Man You Love Him Without Actually Saying A Word

If you’ve been in a relationship for more than a few months now, you know that there are many ways to show your man that you care. Saying the actual words is great in the beginning of your relationship (but not too early!), yet later on you realize that love is more than just saying pretty words. It’s about respect, attention, caring, and sometimes even putting his needs over yours. There are more than a few things you can do to tell your man you love him without actually saying it. Here’s what you can try right now.



Listen to him
Actually listening to your guy when he wants to talk to you on a subject that doesn’t seem particularly exciting is the best thing you can do. The thing is, it’s harder for men to open up and talk about emotions or other vulnerable stuff women have no problem chatting about. Yet they still like to connect to you through conversation. Put away that phone of yours and just listen to him. You never know where that conversation will lead you!



Brag about him
Do it preferably in front of other people. Brag about what a great man he is and how much he means to you and the way your life has changed for the better once you’ve gotten together. Say it only if you mean it! He will definitely appreciate your sincerity and, well, love. Works just as great when you do it when no one else is around.


Tune into his needs
Make him a cup of coffee in the morning while you do one for yourself, buy a pack of his favourite cookies, or plan a night out at the cinema watching the movie he’s been waiting for ages.



Tell him he’s more handsome than Chris Hemsworth
Or any other male celebrity he knows you find incredibly appealing. It might boost his ego a bit, but his confidence as a man will also go sky high. Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than admitting he’s the most handsome man on Earth.


Display your affection publicly
Long gone are the days when the two of you were all over each other no matter where you went. But why quit all the lovey-dovey stuff once you’ve become an established couple? Show him that you care with hugs, touches, and affectionate kisses. Yes, right in front of everyone. And don’t forget about holding hands!



Give him his ‘guy time’
Do it not like you’re doing him a favour, but like you actually mean it (which, by the way, you should). Whether it’s gonna be fishing, watching a football match together, or simply going out into a bar, he’ll appreciate it if you understand his needs. Don’t wait for him to say anything, suggest it yourself, and see how pleasantly surprised he’ll be.


Prepare his favourite food
This is one of the easiest, yet most effective ways to show your love without saying a word. Both men and women love tasty food and by now you surely know most of his favourites. If you aren’t that much into cooking, buy a box of those doughnuts he loves so much or order a pizza.


Plan a romantic night
Usually guys are responsible for being all romantic with flowers, chocolate, and other shows of affection. But you’re together in this relationship and men love romantic stuff just as much! So go ahead and plan a date in a rooftop restaurant or a night out watching the starry sky. It will mean a world to him!



Help make his dreams come true
You might not be able to buy him a ticket to Africa to do that safari he’s been dreaming about since he was a kid, but there might be something else that won’t kill your budget and will still make him happy like a child. Did he always want to have a dog, but parents never allowed him one while he was growing up? Or did he always want to learn how to cook sushi, but never got to it because of various reasons? You don’t have to think big, just choose something he really cares about.


Learn to love his hobby
This might be a bit tricky one, but staying in tune with his hobby is one of the best ways to show him you love him and really care about what he does. Whether it’s fishing, golf, football, books, movies, or latest news, learn a little bit about it and throw in some words on occasion. He’ll be really impressed!