11 Qualities of a Date-Worthy Guy

Finding a date in 2018 can feel exhausting, at times. Between work, fighting for women’s rights, and hanging out with the gals, how do you find a dude that’s not a total nut-job, and that’s worth spending your time on? You might not meet the perfect man who has all of these qualities, but if you can check at least some of these boxes, you’re on the right path to finding an equal to share and create all your memorable moments with.



1. First and foremost: he’s not late! A few minutes is one thing, but if a guy is half an hour late or more, his investment in seeing you isn’t that high. Especially if it’s happened more than once, and he doesn’t make it up to you in an amazing way.


2. On a related note, he’s chivalrous. This might seem outdated, and you might roll your eyes, but if a guy holds the door for you or gives you his jacket when it’s raining, that’s an old-fashioned trait that (when it’s genuine) can really make us fall for a guy.

3. If he’s interested in commitment, find out early. A lot of guys are dating with the sole purpose of short-term relationships and one-night-stands, and a lot of girls are down for that. So just make sure you communicate your intent well, and hopefully he’ll be honest with his


4, On the other end of the spectrum, make sure he’s not afraid of loneliness. A lot of clingy, needy guys are terrified of simply being alone and want a girlfriend, no matter who she is! So make sure you’re not just filling an empty space, and that he’s actually into you and self sufficient.

5. He’s confident, but not arrogant. This line can be hard to draw and can often involve a few dates to reach a decision. Cockiness is cute occasionally, but if a guy is a snob or uppity and thinks he’s better than everyone, he probably thinks he’s better than you, too.


6. He doesn’t act like a boring old man, but his emotional maturity stands out from the rest. Unfortunately, many men well into old age can still act like little boys. If he doesn’t have this quality, making big decisions with him and even the little things can get extremely tedious.

7. He has respect not just for you, but for women generally! And most importantly, he respects your opinion and point of view, even if they differ from his own. Being ignored or put down is a sign that you need to kick him to the curb ASAP.


8. He doesn’t dress like a slob. We all like to wear our comfy sweats but if you guys are going out on a dinner date and he has on Champion joggers and a stained sweatshirt, it’s probably not the best sign.

9. He pursues you instead of playing hard to get! Even if you were the one to ask him out, his gestures and decisions afterward should at least attempt to impress you and want to make you smile all the time.


10. Ambition! This doesn’t need to mean he’s the CEO of a fortune 500 company or discovering the cure to cancer, but he should have some forward-moving direction in his life and semblance of a plan for the future.

11. He doesn’t do selective listening to you. While it’s hard to guys to finesse their selective listening skills (it’s literally biological), if he’s tuning you out consciously and doesn’t change his behaviour after you call it out, you’re not too high on his priority list.