11 Signs He’s Planning To Propose Soon

Whether you’ve been together for one year or ten, proposing to someone is a nerve-wracking and intense time. That also means that the time leading up to that proposal might be a little weird – here’s some signs that your guy is leading up to the big ask.



1. He’s randomly been acting nervous for no reason. If bae has been a little more jittery and off his A game than usual, don’t assume the worst. He could be leading up to one of the biggest moments of both of your lives.



2. Noticing what you like at jewelry stores and asking about your taste in things. Yeah, it could just be a bracelet to show you how much he means to you. Or it could be the diamond you’ve been dreaming of.


3. Your man has taken control of planning a trip for the two of you on his own, whereas it’s usually a collaborative effort between the two of you.



4. Or, if you guys usually plan trips with friends or family, but he’s urging for more alone time for this particular occasion. Get ready for some photo ops.


5. He’s been bringing up the future a lot. Maybe talking about the names of your future kids, or where you might live after retiring. This means that he can see a real future with you, and asking you to marry him is part of that.



6. He’s usually carefree and loose with his spending habits, but in recent weeks has been pinching pennies and seeming a bit cheaper than usual. Don’t worry, he’s not suddenly less chivalrous. He’s just saving up for your dream ring.


7. You’ve caught him looking through your jewelry or staring at your accessories an inordinate amount. No, he doesn’t have a new affinity for cross dressing. He just wants to know your style and nail it to make the moment perfect.



8. Your friends, mom or sister have made a manicure appointment for you, and have been insistent about you going. Why the sudden need for a girl’s self care day? So that you can have the most Instagram worthy ring moment, duh!


9. He’s been especially sentimental and sappy recently, bringing up memories in a nostalgic way. Guys don’t usually get like this, so it might be leading up to a milestone for the two of you, as he realizes how amazing you truly are.



10. But he also gets weird when people bring up marriage or you see a proposal in a movie. Proposing is nerve wracking – it doesn’t mean he’s scared of marriage, it means that he’s prepping for it!


11. He banned you from certain parts of the house. Has the linen closet or top shelf of his closet suddenly become off limits?