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11 Signs Your Relationship Is Starting To Feel Like More Of A Friendship


The rush of first falling in love – there’s nothing like it. But sometimes that spark can dwindle and you two end up feeling more like good friends than a romance with an unbreakable bond. Here are some signs you and bae might be heading down a platonic road.



1. The passionate fire is starting to dwindle. The amount that you two sleep together is decreasing, and when you do get down and dirty, it’s just not the same as it used to be.



2. But when you do hang out together, you just stay in and watch TV like a boring old couple. Now, there’s nothing wrong with routine and getting cozy with bae. But whatever happened to a proper date night or at least cooking a sizzling meal?

3. You’re starting to notice other guys. And honestly, you’re starting to see that he’s paying more attention to that cutie at the gym, or ladies walking down the street. You’re both keeping an eye out for the next best thing since this might end soon.



4. The amount of spicy, spontaneous moments go down. Hot, improvised moments or even just booking that last minute trip to Costa Rica has become more of a fantasy than a reality of a young and exciting couple.

5. On a related note, you feel yourself stop going out of your comfort zone as a couple and not trying new things anymore. Doing this is essential to self growth and growth as a couple – if you’re not, watch out!




6. You don’t dress to impress anymore. Now it’s sweats and dirty hair on the regular. He loves when you’re natural and relaxed, but you still need to make an effort every once in a while to remind him why he chose you in the first place.

7. You don’t have that good nervous feeling around him anymore, aka butterflies. A guy should always make your heart skip a beat and flutter just a bit – if he doesn’t, you’re not feeling it anymore.



8. You act bizarre and awkward when you’re around other couples who are newly or madly in love, trying to remember how it felt to be like that. If you were truly in love, you would be celebrating your own relationship instead of scrutinizing theirs.

9. Forget double dates and parties – neither of you shows PDA or simple affection at all! We all communicate differently, but forgetting that little peck or hug at the end of the day can actually make a huge difference.



10. You’re not sure how you feel. Having doubt is a totally human thing, but if you’re in love, it’s not something that you try to convince yourself of all the time. Trust what your gut is telling you.

11. You don’t argue anymore. This might seem like a good thing, but it’s not. Being indifferent means that you’re not invested in the relationship anymore. Fighting about something means you care about it, and easy sailing can mean you might be doomed.