11 Signs You’re In The Right Relationship

Even the most harmonious relationships can be tricky sometimes, not to mention the more turbulent ones. So how do you tell whether you’ve finally found the one or this is just another affair that will get you nowhere? Once you get past the first stage of your relationships with butterflies in your stomach and all kinds of fuzzy feels running all over your body, it’s important to take a closer look at what you’re feeling and where you and your partner are heading. If you’re in the right relationship, both you and your loved one will continue feeling comfortable and happy around each other, showing respect and affection towards one another like you never did before. But even the most ‘perfect’ relationships can turn into a bumpy ride sometimes. This is why we came up with these 11 signs that you’re in a right relationship and need to worry no more.



You sometimes fight
Contrary to the popular belief, it’s normal if you sometimes fight and disagree about different things. In fact, it’s even healthier this way! If you hold back and suppress your emotions, it’s a sure sign that the relationship make you uneasy and nervous. Yet, even when fighting you don’t do it to prove a point, but rather to understand each other better. Fights should be productive as it’s a type of communication.



You are sincere with each other
The best thing in the relationship is when both partners can express themselves freely. If you have no taboos, banned topics, and can easily speak with your loved one about literally anything, then you’re definitely in the right relationship with a person whom you can fully trust. Sincere communication helps build understanding and significantly deepens your bond.


You know how to have fun
Making each other laugh and sharing happy moments is one of the most important things that binds people together, creating healthy, long-lasting relationship. Feeling happy with your partner is the most natural thing if you’re in the right relationship, so take a step back and think how many times you laughed together over the last few days. Humor is everything!



You spend time apart
Being a couple doesn’t mean you share all your hobbies and spend all the time together (although, that may be the case if your relationships are still new and filled with excitement). Once you get a little bit more settled down, you’ll find out that both you and your partner have things you like to do alone and friends you do not share. It’s important for you to have your girl nights with friends just as it is important for him to sometimes hang out with his buddies without you.


You spend time together
Still, when it comes to relationships you are both happy to do all kinds of things together from small things like cooking dinner and watching movies to bigger ones like working on the same project or hiking high up in the mountains. It’s what healthy relationships are all about! Being happy together and sharing the most meaningful moments of your life with your significant other.



You treasure your self-identity
Both you and your partner respect each other and value for who you are right now, not sometime in the future. Many people start relationship hoping to change the other person, trying to correct all the ‘imperfections’ they supposedly have, but that never works out. It’s important to feel comfortable being just you and letting your loved do the same. This is the key to successful relationship and if you’re feeling this way when you’re together with your loved one, then you’re definitely moving in the right direction.


You make each other strive for the better
You truly are in the right relationship if both you and your partner constantly inspire each other to grow and get better at what you do. For example, he enjoys running and suddenly you also have the urge to become more fit. Or you love modern art and after a few visits to the modern art exhibition he’s eager to know all about it. You make each other better by simple being together!



You’re attracted to each other
As time goes by, you remain attracted to your partner on all levels – mind, body, and soul. You never lose interest in each other and keep the spark alive by communicating, doing exciting things together, and dating just like you did in the beginning of your relationship. If you like him inside out and can talk hours non-stop, and he always listens carefully to what you have to say and admires your views on life. Your attraction runs deep and you’re definitely in the right relationship!


You plan your future together
If you’ve met your one and only, it’s only natural for the both of you to plan your future together. There’s no other way! Why would you want to leave a person that makes you happy, content, and full of joy? You simply wouldn’t. That’s why you always talk about future plans, whether it’s a vacation you’ll have in a couple of weeks, getting a dog, or moving in together.



You enjoy doing even the simplest things together
Ever tried doing grocery shopping with your partner? If you both enjoy it just like everything else you do together, then it’s a sure sign you’re in a perfect type of relationship. Doing chores is not the most fun thing in the world, but when you’re together everything just seems much more exciting. Just because you’re excited to be together!


You forgive and let things go
Naturally, you will disagree on many things and have big or small fights. Sometimes your partner will annoy you, and sometimes you will drive him crazy. Nevertheless, in the end of the day both you and him find the strength to forgive and forget. Letting things go is important as you don’t dwell on negative things, however small, which keeps your relationships healthy and both of you – happy.