12 Pieces of Advice On How to Find Your True Love Online

Dating in 2018 can be a mission, at times. Between blind dates and your mom’s set-up with her book club buddy’s son, online dating is looking like a pretty good option. It’s the modern way that many strong relationships are being built, and nothing to be ashamed of. So learn how to be your best online self with these essential tips.



1. Don’t just say hi when you greet someone. It’s a turn off and shows that you didn’t put in any effort, It’s just as bad as a dude hitting you up on Tinder and saying “sup.” Prove to that person that you think they’re worth your time, and they’ll return the favor.



2. On your profile make sure to discuss not just your likes and dislikes but the reasons behind your likes and dislikes. It’s more revealing and will help people understand the root of who you are, and your soul, along with avoiding unwanted arguments.

3. Choose the right photos! This can totally affect someone’s perception of you – so choose one that represents the real you! Don’t go too sexy with bedroom selfies, but also don’t use that Sunday church shot. Choose a realistic and straight-forward one where you look like your best self, and are smiling!



4. On a related note, be honest about your hobbies! Don’t play the cool girl just to be appealing to a dude, filling up your page with “love beer and camping” when you really prefer wine and glamping.

5. Don’t be a negative Nancy. It’s easy to think , “I’ll never get a date”, or “I’ll be single forever.” Don’t give up. Even when you’re not actively looking, that perfect guy could wander into your inbox at the most unexpected of moments, so don’t let it affect your mood if there’s a dry spell.



6. Have a phone or video conversation with suitors first so that you can really feel the connection. This is totally different from texting someone or exchanging words online and will help you get a better sense of their energy and see if they’re worth meeting.

7. Be upfront about what you want – whether it’s a hot one night stand, a summer fling, or someone to build a life with.



8. Be focused. Don’t go to the first hot One Direction looking unicorn. He will be tempting, but your goal is to find a lasting bond with someone reliable and trustworthy (not boy band look alike). Don’t just date aimlessly. Know your worth and what you inwardly want.

9. But at the same time, we open to dating someone that’s not our type. If the unemotionally available boy band look is your type, maybe there’s something you’re missing from the nerdy guy with glasses who might be your soulmate.



10. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot questions. While this isn’t a job interview and you shouldn’t approach it as such, asking questions is the only way you’re going to really find out about the person. Someone might not volunteer all info, or want to talk about themselves all the time without being asked, so just ask!

11. Don’t be afraid to share what makes you unique. What you think is a flaw, your potential partner might find beautiful. Whether that’s an unruly mane, a birth mark, or a crooked nose, let your flaw flag fly confidently!



12. Finally, true love isn’t just for dating sites and apps – you can find someone on great sites which promote a group of adults that have a common interest over an activity that you love. Common interests will lead you to find your love that develops organically after a friendship.