12 Powerful Habits Of Happy Relationships

Have you ever wondered why some couples can spend decades together, while others end their relationships just after a few months? Falling in love is easy, it just happens to you, but building happy relationships requires quite some effort from both partners. There are habits that will either help you keep the spark alive or make everything fall apart in a blink of an eye. Try to remember some of the best moments during your last relationships – what did you do back then? You probably hugged a lot, talked to each other all the time, made harmless jokes, and planned your future together. But at some point you stopped doing all those wonderful things, right? Well, psychologists believe that those habits help create the very basis of successful relationships. And you are the one who can create them! Here are 12 amazingly powerful habits to build happy relationships.



Get out of your comfort zone
You should always keep your relationships fresh with a certain level of spontaneity. Try new things together and surprise each other with small (or big!) shows of affection. He can wake you up with a breakfast in bed and you can prepare a romantic dinner on top of the building with a scenic view – the possibilities are endless! Plan a trip to a place you’ve never been to before or create a painting together using only your hands. Just have fun together and your relationships will always bring you joy.



Get fit together
Whether it’s doing exercises, attending yoga classes once a week, or simply going for a walk together in the morning, getting fit is an amazing way to improve both your health and relationships. You will bond and have more respect for each other as a result.

Be honest and open about what you feel
The more honest you are in a relationship, the longer it will last. There’s no point in going crazy about things in silence. If you don’t like something – just say it out loud! And if you feel happy and loved – you should also talk about it. This way both you and your partner will understand how to better communicate with each other.



Find common hobbies
He may not be into your Game of Thrones obsession and you may find his football matches particularly boring, but this doesn’t mean you should completely skip on doing things together. Maybe you both have been dreaming about trying something new like skateboarding or taking on Spanish lessons? Whether it’s watching a TV show or reading the same book, a common hobby will bring you closer to each other in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

Always go on dates
Couples that have stayed happy together for years share one thing in common – they never skip on dates! You shouldn’t neglect that part of your relationships, after all, everything started with this romantic spark of interest that made you fall in love with your partner. Keep your relationships fresh as if you two have just met – go to the movies, watch plays, make small presents, and show your affection as much as possible!



Kiss and say ‘I love you’
This may not seem like such a big deal after you’ve spent some years together, but the longer you are in a relationship, the more you need to pay attention to these small things. Kissing is something that comes natural to couples, so don’t forget about it! Kiss your partner in the morning, before you leave for work, and when you come back after you’ve been away for a while. Say ‘I love you’ like you really mean it and don’t turn these small gestures into routine. It’s really important to remember why the two of you started going out in the first place.

Never forget about touching
People touch a lot when they’re close and the happier they are with each other, the more they touch! Closeness and happiness increase when you hold hands, hug, and put your arms around your partner. These simple gestures really make a difference!



Keep your intimacy alive
We all know that the honeymoon phase of relationships can’t last forever. Things might not be as passionate as they were the first few months after you started dating, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try to keep the intimacy alive. Remember what made you go crazy about each other in the first place. Visit romantic places, travel together, have fun trying new cuisines and camping out in the open. New experiences will bring your love life to a whole new level!

Cook and clean together
Why not turn all your chores into a fun activity you can do together? Put on some music and start cleaning your house, while dancing and singing to your favourite tunes. Find new recipes that both of you know nothing about and try cooking them with your partner. You can turn the most boring chores into an exciting game with just a little bit of imagination.



Plan your future
Spontaneity is great, but it is also important to plan your future together. Create common goals and share your dreams – together you will definitely make them come true! You can dream big about moving to another country or just spending a few months at some exotic location or you can create smaller goals like taking up dancing lessons together or spending your weekend in a picturesque location. Either way, planning brings you closer to each other.

Make as many compliments as possible
Both men and women like to receive compliments – that’s a given. Did your boyfriend get a promotion or create an outstanding piece of art? Then tell him about! You are truly important to him so receiving a compliment from you will really boost his confidence levels. As a couple you have the power to support each other when things aren’t going so well and make each other even happier when everything’s great. Never forget about that!



Spend quality time together
It’s not a bad thing to stay connected via social media, smartphone, and all kinds of gadgets. Yet when you want to spend some quality time with your partner, it’s best to shut off all distractions and just focus on each other. Smartphones and messenger apps don’t go well with romance and intimacy. Whether you are on a date or simply go for a walk together in the park with a morning cup of coffee, just turn off all your devices and enjoy each other’s company. Your bond will eventually get even stronger!