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12 Reasons Why It’s So Important To Be With A Guy Who Challenges You


The person you’re with should challenge you in a variety of ways – but what it really comes down to is that your partner should help you be a better version of yourself. The best version of yourself, if possible. When done in a positive way, pushing someone to be their best can make a world of rewarding difference.



1. Because dating someone that is exactly like you is boring and won’t help you change for the better. Someone out there that’s just like you would be your soulmate, right? Wrong. It guarantees you’ll stay stagnant, and in your comfort zone, not growing at all.


2. Because their strengths will offset your weaknesses – they’re accomplished where you struggle, which can help them act as a role model and inspiration.

3. Because they won’t brownnose you just to get something that they want – they’ll be honest and genuine, and that honesty will help you grow into a better person.


4. They’ll help round you out. You’re the yin to their yang, and vice versa. Balance is essential in a relationship.

5. Because they will push you to succeed. Having a personal cheerleader is an amazing thing, and the tough love and encouragement from a partner can really help you go that extra mile



6. It gives your life more direction. If you’re with a meandering mind that’s flakey, lazy, or has zero expectations, your life will be just as aimless. You can start to structure goals and a life map when you have a partner that pushes you to do so.

7. It will help your self esteem, and help you believe in yourself. You tap into your inner energy and fire when someone else believes in you, encouraging you to believe in yourself, and your worth.


8. Because you will fight, but it won’t be just for the sake of fighting or looking out for yourself. They’re looking out for you too. You forgive, move on, and end up learning more about each other, growing in the aftermath.

9. Because agreeing with everything (just like dating your twin) is really boring. If you need someone to just bolster your opinion and say you’re right, you should just date yourself since you’re not really interested in growing.


10. Because you’ll be forced to defend and explain your own beliefs without automatic submission, and that will help define what your true beliefs are.

11. Defending and explaining your perspective helps you figure out how important they really are, and what they mean to you,


12. They won’t just challenge your thoughts on yourself, but will challenge what society has taught you to feel about yourself. Your partner will make sure you know that size 2 isn’t realistic, and that you’re beautiful the way you are.