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12 Signs You’re Falling In Love


Dating can be fun, but a lot of people struggle to figure out whether they just like someone a lot or are they actually falling in love. In both cases you find yourself spending a lot of time with this new person in your life and in both cases it feels lovely and exciting. It can definitely be quite tricky to distinguish lust from love, but we’re here to tell you what signs to look out for if you think you might be falling in love.



1. Prolonged Eye Contact
It’s a scientific fact, that people who lock eyes often feel a strong romantic connection. So you know, if you find yourself staring at your boyfriend all the time and he’s staring back, and you both just can’t help but stare into each other’s eyes – you might be falling in love, big time.



2. You Plan Ahead
We rarely plan something months in advance with a person we don’t have deep feelings for. If it’s just a fling you’re not likely to count on them to be there in 5 months for a holiday vacation or a cool band you’d like to go see together. However, if you feel safe enough to plan something months in advance – it’s a sign that you’re in love.

3. You Feel A Bit High
Studies show that being in love has the same effect on human braid as cocaine, because dopamine gets released and you feel very happy and sort of delirious. So if you’re acting out of character and are behaving a bit strangely – it might be because you’re in love.



4.You No Longer Think About Past Relationships
If you haven’t thought about your ex for a long time, chances are you’re happy and in love and you no longer care about your past relationships. You’ve let go of your relationship hang ups from the past and are ready to move forward.

5. You Care About Their Happiness
People are generally quite selfish, they care about themselves and their well being more than they do about others. However, if you find yourself genuinely caring about the happiness of your partner and you’re trying your best to make them happy – you’re probably in love.




6. You’re Ok With Small Sacrifices
This goes hand in hand with the previous statement. If you’re willing to skip on a night out because your partner is sick and you want to take care of them – that means you’re probably falling in love. Beware though, small sacrifices like this are ok, but sacrificing everything for the other person is just not healthy.

7. You Sweat More
Yeah, this sounds a bit gross, but that’s just simple biology for you. Studies show that when you’re falling in love, you might at first, exhibit signs that are very similar to having a stomach bug. You feel sickly, anxious and a bit sweaty. The good news is that this’ll pass with time.



8. You’re Not Afraid To Be Weird
This is the stage that comes right after those butterflies in your stomach, feeling anxious and a bit sweaty. This is the stage at which you both get comfortable with each other and are not afraid of being your true weird dorky self. You can make bad jokes and act like a total dork and it’s all completely fine.

9. You’re Willing To Try New Things
If you don’t like horror movies or big rollercoasters you’re suddenly up for those as long as it’s with your partner. You might’ve been convinced you have salsa, but now that your partner likes it you’re willing to give it a chance. You never thought of yourself as an outdoorsy person, but you find yourself going on a hike? All these sound like you might be in love.



10. Your Pain Tolerance Goes Up
If, for example, you’re getting a tattoo and you’ve noticed that it doesn’t hurt as much as usual, it might be a sign that you’re in love. It’s scientifically proven that people who were in love feel less pain than people who aren’t.

11. You Want To Share Everything With Them
Suddenly you want to take them to all your favorite restaurants, cafes and just random hangout spots. You don’t mind showing them your embarrassing childhood photos and even going grocery shopping seems like a fun thing to do, as long as you’re together. All these are telltale signs of being in love.



12. You’re Thinking Of Taking Him To Meet Your Parents
Everyone knows that you don’t bring a guy home to your mum, unless you’re serious about him. So if you’re actually considering introducing him to the family, or inviting him over for Thanksgiving or Christmas – you’re definitely in love.