12 Simple Things Men Secretly Love About Being In A Relationship

Every man has his single days, but there’s nothing like the comfort and warmth of coming home to someone that you love instead of going out on the clubs to meet strangers every weekend. Here are the things he loves but may not admit.



1. He adores being able to talk about you with his friends, co-workers or family.



2. He loves how that moment often makes him miss you and want to speed home to pick you up and snuggle you right away.


3. He loves when you ask for his advice. It makes him feel useful and valuable, adding meaning to your life in a valuable way via his opinions, rather than just being able to take care of dinner or clean the house.



4. He loves being comfortable in silences that could be awkward with anyone else. This is a sign that you truly know someone and just enjoy their physical presence without the need to talk.


5. He loves when you tell him things you want and desire without being nagging. Making a woman happy is one of the ultimate things a man is fulfilled by, so when you offer affirmation rather than scolding, your relationship will flourish.



6. He loves how you help him keep his cool. Coming hope to a clean apartment after a long day, or having someone to rub your head after your boss pissed you off is essential.


7. He loves feeling truly supported. Having a great woman behind a great man is essential to his success, and having someone who truly knows you and believes in you is a feeling so amazing it can’t be explained.



8. Let’s face the facts: he loves that there’s guaranteed nookie on the regular, and it’s with a gorgeous babe that he actually knowns rather than a random one-nighter.


9. He loves sharing food and vice versa! There’s nothing like a sampling platter and you definitely can’t do this with someone you’re just casually seeing at first – maybe not that romantic, but free ice cream is worth celebrating.



10. He loves the courage that it gives him. Being in love with the same person can even take away your fear of death. You have the comfort of knowing that the only thing you need is right by your side, and focus on the positive rather than fears.


11. He loves being able to take his macho mask off. While men present an image of themselves to society in the daytime, the vulnerable version of them that comes out in the evening lets him shed those expectations and just be himself.