12 Things You Should Never Do In The Beginning Of A Relationship

Relationship is so exciting in the beginning, isn’t it? Well, they can become even more exciting as time goes by, but there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do in order for that to happen. We’re slightly not ourselves in the beginning of a relationship because we’re opening up to the other person and we really want it to be mutual. We want to be seen for who we truly are and at the same time we want to present ourselves in the best light. It’s a tricky balance, but one that you need to master if you want to be happy with the person you’ve fallen for. Here are 12 things you should never do in the beginning of a relationship.



Don’t push him away
We really don’t know where that silly advice came from, but playing hard to get in the beginning of the relationship is a sure way to end everything before it even starts. You see, guys can’t see the difference between a girl that’s playing hard to get and a girl that simply doesn’t like them. If anything, you should be showing interest!



Don’t hide who you really are
We’re not asking to be direct and reveal all your worst habits on a first date, but being sincere with a man you like is a must if you want to build a strong and happy relationship. Time will tell whether it will last or not, yet it’s always good to know that he likes you personally and not some fake image of you.


Don’t be pushy
Okay, we’ve established that playing hard to get is a no-no, but being too clingy in the very beginning of your relationship is bad, too. If you both like texting, don’t text too much. Keep the mystery alive and let your relationship unfold slowly. Get to know each other in your own natural pace. Don’t rush things and you’ll be rewarded with a deeper connection with the man you like.



Don’t let the fears get the best of you
You’ve probably been in relationships before and you might have gotten hurt by some guys. But that shouldn’t get in the way of your new relationship! Don’t let those fears make you anxious or cynical. Think of it this way: your guy has also dated someone before, having both good and bad experiences, but he’s treating you with respect. Do the same! Learn as much about him as possible and then you’ll understand whether this is your person or not.


Don’t dress like someone else
Both guys and girls like pretty people, but this doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your style and comfort just to impress him. He already likes you just the way you are and the more comfortable you feel in your own skin (and clothes!), the more confident you’ll be in the relationship. Of course, you can dress up a little bit when you feel like it!



Don’t lead the relationship
This doesn’t mean you let him do all the heavy-lifting, but you shouldn’t be the leader either. There’s a balance here you both will need to find, depending on your personalities. He’ll definitely want to impress you with some places only he knows about as well as some romantic gestures and we believe you should do the same! Just make sure it’s a game for two.


Don’t rush with revealing how you feel
You might feel like you’ve finally met the One, but don’t hurry with confessing your feelings to him. Guys usually like to take it slow in that department and he might get scared if you get too pushy or clingy right in the beginning of the relationship. Save your Iloveyou’s for that very special moment when it feels truly right to utter those words.



Don’t ignore the red flags
Okay, we’ve talked about being too cynical and suspicious of the new relationship, but you should also pay attention to red flags that might be popping up here and there. If your new guy talks about his exes in a disrespectful manner or mentions that he has cheated on some girl, you shouldn’t ignore this. If this comes up so early in the relationship, chances are that he’ll do that again and this time you’ll be the one that gets hurt.


Don’t forget about your life
You might feel so good with the guy that you want to spend literally all your time with him, but that’s not the best way to start your relationship. Keep at least a little bit of distance so that you both don’t burn out quickly or, what’s worse, get tired of each other’s company. Spend time with your friends, don’t neglect your hobbies and other passions in life. It’s really important that you remain yourself because that’s what he really likes about you!



Don’t act like he’s already your boyfriend
As tempting as it may be to get into a proper girlfriend mode once he reveals his feelings to you, it’s wiser to take things slow. You’ll get there eventually! But right now just enjoy being together and getting to know each other more and more. Don’t hurry to change your relationship status on Facebook and tell the whole world about it. Relish the moment and the intimacy you both have together.


Don’t idealize him
Love can sometimes make us overlook flaws in a person’s character, but try to be realistic about your man and your relationship. If you put him on a pedestal and idealize everything he does, you’ll definitely get hurt in the end. Either you’ll finally realize that he’s not as perfect as you thought he was, or he’ll get stressed out trying to meet your unrealistic standards. Relax and let him be himself.



Don’t forget that dating is supposed to be fun
Yes, ultimately what you want to experience with your partner is excitement and thrill from getting close with another person. Opening up and revealing things about yourself to your boyfriend can sometimes be stressful, so if you feel like there is no joy in the whole process of dating, take a step back and see what you’re doing wrong. Maybe all you need is simply let go of the whole situation and see where it takes you! Don’t overthink and learn to enjoy being with your man. If there’s no fun, then why do it at all?