12 Tips On How To Make A Good Impression On Your First Date

First dates can be quite daunting. They’re quite important and the impression you make will definitely influence your second date or whether there will be one. It’s sort of like a job interview but for your personal love life, which makes it even more stressful. We all want to make the best impression and come off as the best version of ourselves, while still appearing chill and natural and easy going. We have to walk that thin line between coming on too strong and seeming uninterested, we have to keep the conversation going, but still listen to what they have to say, we want to be ourselves, but also be charming and funny and stylish at the same time. How do you do all that? Well, to be honest, we don’t know. But what we do know is that there’s a couple of simple tips you could follow to make a good impression of your first date and make the whole thing go smoother.



1. Plan It Out
If you’re the type of person who gets very nervous when there’s a lull in a conversation – don’t leave it up to chance. Plan out some things you can talk about or even better – suggest date ideas. If you go to see a movie, you can discuss it afterwards and that’ll give you something to talk about. Same with museums, art shows, theaters, concerts, so suggest something like that as a date, instead of just going to a cafe and staring at each other eating.



2. Show Up On Time
If your date is picking you up – be ready a little early, so when he shows up you can leave right away instead of keeping him waiting while you finish up your lipstick. If you’re meeting somewhere – get there on time. You don’t really want to be early, cause that’ll give you extra time to worry and freak out, so just time it well and be there at the time you agreed upon. Everyone appreciates it when their date is¬¬ punctual.

3. Wear Something Memorable
Wear something that your date will remember. It might be easy to dress all in black and hide away your insecurities, but if you want to make an impression you gotta put in some effort. We’re not suggesting you go all out, and wear something extra or something you’re not comfortable in. Just add a detail that will stand out. Like a nice bright accessory, be it a hat, some bright shoes or a handbag – red is always memorable.



4. Use Perfume
Not a lot of people know how much scent matters when it comes to first impressions. We rarely think about it, but the fact is, our scent memory is very strong, and often various smells can bring up memories in our mind. So put on a spritz of your favorite perfume for your date. This way his memory of you will be not only visual, but more rounded and three-dimensional. But don’t go overboard. One or two spritz will do, no need to shower in your perfume, you don’t want your date to suffocate.

5. Be A Good Listener
While taking is an important part of a date, listening is even more important. So actually listed to what your date is saying. Few people are good listeners, so if you are, use it to your advantage and make your date feel special. If it doesn’t come to you naturally – make an effort, it’ll be worth it.



6. Ask Questions
Do you know what makes a person feel good and valued? Asking them questions. If you see that they’re really excited talking about something ask questions to find out more about the subject. This is also a great technique if there’s a lull in a conversations and you can’t think of anything to say – just ask them questions about themselves, their hopes, dreams, aspirations. You’ll seem interested and it’ll keep them talking.

7. It’s a Date, Not A Therapy Session
Don’t get into your family issues, traumatic experiences or past relationships on the first date. No one really wants that drama right away. It’s fine to share a funny anecdote about your past experiences, but don’t delve deep into your issues and insecurities as soon as you meet someone. That’s never a good idea.



8. Don’t Approach Heavy Subjects
Same goes for heavy subjects like religion and politics. Everyone knows it’s bad taste to discuss those in public, so just don’t. If everything goes well, you’ll have a chance to discuss your views and opinions on that matter later down the line. However, your first date isn’t the right time or place for it.

9. Say Their Name
People like hearing their name, so try to pepper into your conversation. Instead of saying “hey, you” or using pet names straight away, just use their real name. It’ll give you a chance to get used to how it rolls off your tongue, they’ll get a chance to like how their name sounds when you say it and all in all, it a good idea to make sure you remember your date’s name.



10. Remember To Breathe
As stressful as it might feel, remember to breathe. Slow breathe in and out. It’ll relax you a little and make you seem less stressed. We know that sometimes it’s easy to forget to breathe in stressful situations, and then we sound rushed and sort of stern. So remember to relax, breathe and be chill. You have all the time in the world.

11. Compliment Them
A lot of the time we don’t remember exactly what people say to us on the first date, because it all seems like such a blur, but we do remember how we felt. So pay them a couple of compliments, make them feel nice and special. This way they’ll remember that you made them feel good on the date.



12. Don’t Play Games
Chances are you’re not the only one who’s stressed on the date, so there’s no need to complicate the situation by playing games, dropping hints and just confusing everyone. Be honest and straightforward, if you liked it – just say it. Who wouldn’t want to hear that you’ve had a good time and would like to do that again?