12 Zodiac Combos That Should Never Go On Vacation Together

What’s the first thing you take into consideration when planning a vacation? Is it the dream destination? The perfect accommodation? The quickest route? All those are important, but you should also consider who you’re going with. And I don’t just mean “don’t go on vacation with people you barely know”. That’s a no brainer. You don’t want some stranger ruining your trip. But even if you plan on travelling with your friends you should consider which friends to travel with. You have to consider everyone’s personalities and how well do they mesh together. It’s one thing when you’re going on a night out, it’s easy to disregard some things when you’re together for a short period of time. When you’re stuck together for days, it’s an entirely different animal. So here’s Zodiac combos that should never go on vacation together.



1. Aries and Cancer
Aries is simply not meant to go on vacation with Cancer. Cancer folk tend to be highly emotional and overly sensitive. They’re prone to temper tantrums and need a lot of coddling, they basically wish people could read their mind and foresee their moods and reactions. Aries simply doesn’t have the time or the patience for that.


2. Taurus and Gemini
Both of these signs are very social and a pleasure to spend time with. At first, it might even make sense that they would get along. But once you get them on vacation together their differences start to show. Taurus likes to feel safe and secure, which sounds like a total drag to Gemini who’s all about taking risks and living on the edge. So either Gemini will be bored out of their mind with Taurus, or it’ll make Taurus worry the whole time.

3. Gemini and Virgo
Both Geminis and Virgos like an exciting fun packed vacation, but they approach it in different way. While Gemini likes to just pack and go wherever, and then possibly change their route midway, Virgo prefers to carefully plan their trip and all the fun things they will do. Basically they would drive each other insane, and we’re not even sure Gemini wouldn’t just ditch Virgo in the middle of their trip.


4. Cancer and Aquarius
Cancers get attached to people very easily. They’re friendly, they need affection and love company. Aquarius on the other hands likes his freedom and will likely want some alone time, which in turn can hurt Cancer’s feelings. These two are just too different and going on vacatin together will just stress the hell out of them.

5. Leo and Leo
Leos will likely think it’s a great idea to go on vacation together, after all they have the same idea of a perfect vacation – party till dawn, meet new people and have as many exciting experiences as possible. But it’s their similarities that will ruin their vacation. They both like to be the center of attention, and they both like to be in control, so they’ll be constantly competing with each other, which can lead to a pretty serious fight.


6. Virgo and Aries
As it was mentioned before Virgos are hardcore planners. They will plan and book everything in advance, they will have neat little lists of things they want to do and sightseeing places they want to visit. Aries, however, has a much more laid back approach to travelling, plus they like surprises. So knowing exactly what will happen and having their whole vacation planned out to the minute is a major buzzkill for Aries.

7. Libra and Capricorn
If you’re a Libra – don’t travel with a Capricorn. It’s not that you’ll get into a fight on vacation or anything like that. You’ll both manage to get through this trip, but you might end up resenting each other afterwards. See, as a Libra you like grand gestures and you’re also a bit materialistic. You’ll want to buy souvenirs and might volunteer to become part of some street performance. Capricorns are generally practical, patient and they don’t want to be the center of attention. So you know, when you inevitably make a scene in the airport because your suitcase is too heavy, they’ll silently curse the day they decided to go anywhere with you in the first place.


8. Scorpio and Aries
Both Scorpios and Aries are hotheads. They get angry easily, and their conflicts escalate pretty quickly and can even get violent. What’s worse, they both tend to take things close to their heart and therefore they will likely hurt each others feelings. Plus, neither of them is very likely to be the first one wave the white flag or offer an olive branch as a sign of peace. They also aren’t very likely to apologize. Going on vacation together is a bad idea for these two, whichever way you look at it.

9. Sagittarius and Taurus
As far as Zodiac signs go Sagittarius is a pretty friendly one. They can get along with most people, and they can definitely get along with a Taurus. In fact they’ll probably have a great time. But chances are Taurus will be silently suffering and feeling out of their comfort zone the whole time. Taurus people like their comfort zone and they don’t really want to leave it. However they’re also a bit of a pushover, so when Sagittarius takes them on a wild adventure they’ll probably go along, but they’ll be anxious and nervous the whole time, which isn’t exactly ideal for a vacation.


10. Capricorn and Leo
Capricorns and Leos are too different to vacation together. While a Leo will want to party in a new place every night, a Capricorn will think that being hungover is the biggest waste of time, when they could be exploring the city. Leos also have absolutely no filter, they just say whatever is on their mind, with no regards to other people’s feelings, and Capricorns are precious souls who easily get hurt by harsh words.

11. Aquarius and Pisces
You might think that since both Aquarius and Pisces have something to do with water they would get along, but no. Aquarius shouldn’t go on a trip with Pisces if they actually want to relax and recharge. Pisces loves having deep serious intimate conversations with however is close by, that’s just how they connect with people, but that just drains the life out of Aquarius. They’ll just end up exhausted and feel like they need another vacation after this one.


12. Pisces and Aries
If you’re a Pisces you should never go on vacation with an Aries. You two fundamentally disagree on what a vacation should look like. You probably would prefer chilling by the pool or at the beach, having a drink or two. Aries, on the other hand, thinks vacations should be action packed and full of fun adventures. Plus you two have very different personalities and methods of communication. Pisces are intuitive, not likely to get into conflicts and easily hurt, while Aries are very straightforward. Potentially Pisces could end up with their feelings hurt.