14 Signs You’re Finally In A Healthy, Happy, and Stable Relationship

Being in a relationship can be just as fun as being single. But when you meet the right person, and reach a point of maturity, life becomes so much more meaningful. Here are signs that you’ve finally encountered a healthy and truly joyful relationship you can thrive in.



1. You can’t remember the last time you were jealous. You’re confident in your relationship so jealousy just isn’t something that crosses your mind.


2. Fights seem way more minimal than in other relationships – and when you do argue, it’s proactively and towards a solution, not playing the blame game.

3. You don’t think back wistfully to your single days, and how it would be easier that way. Bye, one night stand fantasies. Coming home to a perfect 10 every night always beats that.


4. You can talk to your partner about things that were awkward or uncomfortable to talk about in previous relationships, like future plans involving kids or marriage. You don’t fear telling them anything.

5. You’re not insecure or worried that he will cheat on you or hurt you in some other way. In the beginnings of relationships these feelings are common, but with your true partner, you’ve developed trust that doesn’t let your thinking get there.


6. Being with him is more effortless than it is stressful. Yes, every relationship is work, but it’s give and take, and that work should be fulfilling in the end.

7. You don’t freak out if he doesn’t text you immediately. You’re not worried that he’s somewhere suspicious, but more likely to assume that his phone died or he’s just working late and forgot to check it.


8. You’re seriously shocked by what you used to settle for in your relationships. Your current partner is so much more mature and sets the bar way higher.

9. You don’t have inane fights for no reason, or pulling out ammunition from irrelevant situation and years ago. You stay on task, keep it small, and get it over with by coming up with a solution, not by blaming or keeping score.


10. You both adore spending time with each other, but just as much, love your alone time! This is a real signifier or a mature relationship. You’re as comfortable alone with your thoughts or on a girls trip for couple of days as you are in your relationship.

11. You support each others dreams, and never try to hold each other back.


12. You’re not worried about being judged about those dreams, or anything else. Even if you have some crazy *^%& going on in your brain.