14 Very Simple Looks That Will Make Your Man Do A Double Take

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting a guy you like to do a double take because of how good you look. Am I right, ladies, or am I right? Most of us think that to achieve that we need to try on a gazillion outfits to pick that perfect one, spend hours perfecting our hair and makeup and pick the coolest accessories ever, when in reality men probably won’t notice all the details. They’re simple creatures, they see one thing at a time, and today we’re gonna give you a cheat list of 10 very simple looks that will make your man do a double take.



1. Red Lip
It’s really that simple. You could be wearing the most casual outfit in the world, but if you wear a red lip – he’ll notice and he’ll love it. There’s just something about red lipstick that transforms any look into a very sexy one.



2. Wild Hair
Newsflash ladies, if you have wild messy hair and you don’t have the time or the desire to spend hours taming it – just don’t bother. Men like the look of messy hair, they think it’s sexy, and that bedhead look is very appealing to them.



3. High Pony
If you think your hair is too unmanageable in its natural state and it gets in your way – just got for a high ponytail. It’s hard to tell why, but men love that look as well. Perhaps it’s the fact that it shows off your face and your neck, or maybe it’s the way it bops around when you walk. Either way it’s an easy look that will make him do a double take.


4. White T-shirt
It’s the simplest things that get the most attention and the white T-shirt is such a classic. It’ll definitely make you stand out in a crowd of dark or colorful clothing and it’s so versatile. You can wear it in a half tuck with high waisted jeans, or tied into a knot with a skirt. Either way – he’ll notice you.



5. Heels
Heels are inherently sexy, at least men think so. So no matter if you wear them with a fancy evening dress or just with some jeans it’ll make your outfit way hotter and your guy will definitely pay attention.


6. Oversized Button Down
You know you look good in a men’s shirt, we all do. There’s just something special about wearing a button down that is clearly too big and possibly made for men. In a weird way it makes us look ultra-feminine and hot. So wear one as a dress or tuck it into jeans, but you can rest assured he’ll make a double take when he sees you.



7. Show Off Your Waist
Listen, there’s nothing wrong with flaunting what nature gave you. If you have that classic hourglass figure, or you just have a smaller waist don’t hide it – show if off. Wear some high waisted shorts or jeans and a crop top and be ready for the attention you’ll get.



8. Girly Summer Dress
No matter how grown up, tough, edgy or sophisticated you are, sometimes wearing a super girly summer dress is the best decision ever. Plus it’s super easy cause you’ve got the whole outfit down to one item of clothing.


9. Leather
Leather jackets are cool and edgy and can be worn with pretty much anything. You can wear them with jeans, frilly tops or a fancy dress – it doesn’t really matter. On the other hand, if you want to switch it up a bit, go for a leather skirt or pants instead. He will have eyes only for you.



10. Red Dress
Women often go for a little black dress when dressing up, but we suggest subverting expectations and going for a red one. It’s way sexier and you’re guaranteed to be the center of attention.


11. Dr. Martens
Dr. Martens aren’t the most ladylike shoes, but they are guaranteed to make any outfit more grunge grab his attention. We find that the juxtaposition of a frilly dress and Dr.Martens works the best.



12. Glitter
It’s important not to overdo it with glitter, otherwise you’ll look like a disco ball and the double takes you’ll be getting won’t be flattering at all. Wear one item of clothing or an accessory that’s glittery and you should be fine.


13. A Little See-Through Top
We’re not saying the top should be completely see-through, just a little. Leave most of it for his imagination. But a transparent detail or see-through sleeves are a good idea.



14. Sophisticated Outfit
You can’t surprise anyone these days with ripped jeans, that stuff is everywhere. However, if you wear a sophisticated dress or blouse you’ll look different and chic.