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15 Subtle Signs That A Guy Friend is Totally Into You


So you’ve been friends with a guy for a while. You hang out from time to time and are part of a larger social circle. However, what you might not realize is that he secretly likes you but just doesn’t want to come out and say it. It could be that he is shy or worries that a rejection could damage an otherwise nice friendship. In any event, here are some signs that your guy friend wants to be more than just platonic friends.



1. His Hugs Are Lasting Longer
Ever since you first met him, you’ve always greeted each other and departed with a hug. But lately you have noticed that his hugs are longer and warmer. Trust us, it has nothing to do with the falling autumn temperatures outside. He’s got a thing for you for sure, but is waiting for you to show hints of your own.



2. He Is Weirdly Talkative With Your Parents
In the past, he would politely greet your mom and dad and that would be the end of it. But now he’s suddenly acting like quite the charmer! Before you two head out, he wants chat with them a bit. He asks your mom about her workday. With your dad, he’s all, “How about those Lakers! Heck of a game last night, eh?” Let’s face it; male friends don’t try to bond with the ‘rents unless they are having romantic thoughts about you.



3. He Is Curious About Your Previous Relationships
You have told him amusing stories about weird guys you’ve gone on dates with, but now he wants to know about the dudes in your past whom you had real feelings for. He’s all, “How many guys have you been in love with?” and “How close have you come to getting engaged to any of them?” If he wants to know these details, he is definitely sizing you up as a potential girlfriend.

4. He Interacts With You on Social Media All The Time Now
You’ve been friends for a while, including on Facebook. But you can’t help but notice that lately he has been giving “likes” to a lot of your recent photos and has even started “liking” old photos that you posted years ago! He also posts cute, amusing things on your wall and tags you in his meme photos. If this is all new behaviors, you can safely assume that he is sweet on you.



5. He Feeds You
Speaking of being sweet on you…if he prepares you a homemade meal on a Saturday afternoon or insists on paying when you go out for lunch, he sees you as girlfriend material. The fact that it doesn’t include romantic candles or take place at a 5-star restaurant is irrelevant. He wants more than just a friendship and considers this a rehearsal.

6. He Is a Bit More Touchy-Feely These Days
A subtle guy isn’t going to drool all over you or act all sexual. But if he is interested, you will notice little touches to the elbow, shoulder or back that he wasn’t doing before. As he does this, he is checking out your body language to determine whether you are comfortable with being his girl.



7. He’s Been Dressing More Fashionably
For pretty much the entire duration of your friendship, he’s been dressing up casually whenever you’ve gotten together. T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, jeans. But all of a sudden he’s becoming Mr GQ even when you are just going to the mall or the cinema. Stylish dress shirts and the like. Perhaps even a new hairstyle. His cologne is also decidedly nicer. These are all signs that he wants you in his arms.




8. He Has Started Sitting Closer To You
Whenever you would meet up at Starbucks, you would sit across from each other. When sitting on a park bench together, there had always been something of a platonic buffer zone. But these days he insists on sitting next to you as you’re drinking your Frappucchino and resting his arm behind your back while on the bench. He is definitely dreaming about the possibilities.

9. He’s Jealous When You Flirt With Other Guys
Whenever you’ve gone out together as a group, he never seemed to mind when you’ve been playful with other males, even when they were strangers. But now he acts protective, even a bit jealous, although he isn’t going to just come out and say it. He might counter another guy’s behavior by distracting you with a funny inside joke that only you would understand, a flirtatious poke of the nose, or anything other reminder that says, “You have a bond with me that this other bozo can’t match.”



10. He Asks About Your Long-term Goals
In most platonic friendships – even really strong ones – neither person is particularly concerned about the other one’s career or whether they will be moving to another city a year from now. Friends coming and going is just part of life. But if a guy wants to know if you’re planning to settle and even expresses concerns when you hint that you’d like to give living in Rome a try.

11. He Starts Calling You Cute, Random Nicknames
Has he gotten into the habit of calling you playful things like “Kitten Face” or “Miss Sunshine?” If he is using term of endearments – even if they are not necessarily romantic per se – it is a good sign that he wants permission to move out of the Friendzone and into your heart.



12. He Checks Up On You
Need some cheering up? Do you remember the name of that song you were trying to tell me about? How did your important job interview go? When he starts calling you more often, takes more of an interest in your life and cares about the details both big and small, it is pretty clear that he has romantic feelings for you.



13. His Seems Like a Totally Different Guy
Was he acting like a goofball before but now acts more mature towards you? Was he emotionally distant, but now opens up to you? If he is acting like a completely different guy compared to the one you originally knew, it could be a sign that he is trying to adopt the characteristics that you are looking for in a significant other.

14. He Invites You To Important Events
His sister is getting married and he asks you to be his guest. His office is putting together a bowling night and he thinks it would be awesome if you came along. This isn’t something that a guy does if he is seeking a platonic friendship. He wants to see how you respond to different social situations involving his family or coworkers, which means he wants to take things to another level.



15. He Abruptly Stops Talking About His Crushes
For the longest time he was discussing girls that he liked. The one he would see every morning at the bus stop. A cute barista who works at his favorite coffee shop. A friend of a friend who took a liking to him. Then it all stopped. If he no longer talks about girls who could be potential mates, it probably means you are on his mind.