6 Tips for Making Him More Romantic

Has your relationship reached a romantic stalemate? Have you been lacking the attention that you want from your special guy? If you’ve been together for awhile, it is not uncommon to feel like you are losing that initial spark you once had. If this is your current reality,  there is no reason to worry or wonder if there is something wrong with your relationship. Check out these 6 helpful tips for making your guy more romantic. 

Give him some space.

This may sound counterproductive, but sometimes we don’t want what is too readily available to us. If you give him a little room to miss you, he may begin to yearn for your presence and make more of an effort to get your attention. 

Give him some space | 6 Tips for Making Him More Romantic | Her Beauty

Be romantic.

If you are expecting him to always initiate the romance, this may have gotten old for him. Try putting some effort in first to show him that you care enough about the state of your intimacy to try as much as you want him to. 

Be romantic | 6 Tips for Making Him More Romantic | Her Beauty

Be vocal about the issue. 

Many times as women, we expect for our partner to read our minds and intrinsically know what we want. But if we truly seek to improve our relationships, sometimes we just have to open our mouths and be vocal about our needs. He may not even know that you feel your intimacy needs to be improved. 

Be vocal about the issue | 6 Tips for Making Him More Romantic | Her Beauty

Tell him exactly what you want. 

Okay, so you’ve gone the vocal route and told your guy that you want more romance, but there’s still no improvement. Take it a step further and actually tell and show him what you idea of romance is. If you guys haven’t been romantic in a while, he may be rusty. So give him some pointers on how he can up his game. If he’s secure in himself, he won’t take this as an insult, but will welcome the honest, helpful dialogue — because sometimes all guys really want is for you to spell it out for them. 

Tell him exactly what you want | 6 Tips for Making Him More Romantic | Her Beauty

Use positive reinforcement.

If your guy is already trying to improve by making some romantic gestures, make sure that you are positively acknowledging his efforts. This can go a long way, and encourage him to keep up the good work. He will know that he’s on the right track, and will feel amazing knowing that you actually see him. You can even try giving him tangible rewards, like a kiss on the cheek or a shoulder rub. 

Use positive reinforcement | 6 Tips for Making Him More Romantic | Her Beauty

Do something he likes. 

Spend some time doing something that you don’t necessarily love, but that means a lot to him. This will show him that you are willing to go outside of your comfort zone to please him, increasing the chances that he will reciprocate in the romance department. 

Do something he likes | 6 Tips for Making Him More Romantic | Her Beauty