6 Ways Owning A Pet Prepares You For A Relationship

A lot has been said about how owning a pet can prepare you for having children in the future, but we decided to look at this from a different angle. We think owning a pet can actually prepare you for a relationship. Seriously, pets can actually do a lot to prepare us for future relationships or even improve the relationship you’re in now.



1. Learning To Compromise
The ability to compromise is very important in relationships. Pets teach you to compromise from the get-go. When you get a small puppy or a kitten you know you’re not going out for the first couple of months. You have to think critically and decide what you’re willing to compromise on. For example, you choose to give up on a late night drink in order to stay home and take care of your puppy, but you can get your friend to cat sit so you don’t miss your grandma’s birthday.

2. Not Everything Goes As Planned
You might’ve wanted to get to work early one day, but your cat chose that specific morning to throw up on your kitchen floor. Oh well, you’ll thank your cat later for teaching you to go with the flow and accepting that things don’t always go as planned when your boyfriend spends all day packing for a trip and still forgets the essentials but brings every single piece of technology he owns with him on your summer beach vacation.

3. Putting Someone’s Needs Before Your Own
By no means am I trying to say you should always do that in a relationship. That would be ridiculous and a very unhealthy relationship dynamic. But in certain situations you really need to do it. Pets teach us to factor in their needs into our daily life. We have to make sure we walk the dog, or feed the parrot, same way we’ll need to factor in a dinner with his family once in a while.

4. Becoming A Responsible Adult
When you get a furry four legged friend you inevitably become more responsible. You create a routine for yourself and your pet, you start scheduling to make sure you don’t miss vaccinations and checkups at the vet, you start budgeting to make sure you have enough money for yourself and your pet has food and treats. All these things will greatly improve your future relationships and make them run smoother.

5. Getting Over Gross Mishaps
While pets are adorable fluffy friends we love to pet and cuddle, there’s a dark side to having one. You have to clean after them, whether it’s their poop or sick. And let me tell you, once you get a pet you’ll never have an issue with your partner being sick and needing you to take care of them. Instead of feeling grossed out you’ll just go straight into problem solving mode.

6. You Become More Lovable And Affectionate
You might think you’re not a huge fan of hugs and hate touchy feely things, but once you get a pet you’re much more likely to become more open to love and affection. Because no one can resist pet cuddles. And once you get into the habit of showing love to your pet, you’re on your way to opening up to people too.