6 Ways To Be The Best Girlfriend He’s Ever Had

It’s not unusual for girls to want to be the best girlfriend ever. After all we see it in every single movie. There’s no middle ground. You’re either the best or the worst. If you complain – you’re the worst. If you cook and clean while looking hot in your lingerie – you’re the best. Those stereotypes are ridiculous, and it’s time to break them. There’s really no need trying to juggle gym every day, work, chores and tending to your boyfriend’s every whim. In fact, men aren’t that difficult or demanding. They want the same things we want. So here’s a couple of things you should keep in mind and I guarantee they’ll make your boyfriend think you’re the bee’s knees.



1. Be Direct
No one really wants to walk around on eggshells around a passive aggressive girlfriend, so just stop it. Tell him what’s wrong and what’s bothering you right away. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to resolve problems when he doesn’t have to resort to ancient magic and mind reading. That stuff is hard for men, they’re not versed in ancient scripts, give him a break.


2. Appreciate The Little Things
Don’t take little gifts and flowers for granted. Yes, I know you’re a princess and you deserve to be worshipped every day. He probably knows it too. But we live in a modern world, so he can’t really sing serenades under your balcony or show up on a white horse at your door every day. So take his meagre offerings for what they are, a little token of love and attention. He’s doing his best.


3. Let Him Breathe
Your advice is the best and you always know the best way to do everything. You’re also fun to be around and your beauty shines on people around you making their day better. In fact, people should be thankful you even chose to spend time with them. But sometimes people get sunburn just from looking at you. So give him his alone time, so he can recuperate and experience how awful life is when you’re not there all the time.


4. Be Independent
Remember you’re a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man, so behave like one. Don’t dedicate all of your precious time to your boyfriend. You have hobbies and friends and family and work, those things require your time and presence too. Tend to that. Also, SPAs are a thing, and they’re way more fun with girlfriends then with those icky boys.


5. Look Fierce
Don’t waste your best years hanging around in sweatpants and with a messy bun, chewing on a piece of pizza. Showcase your best features and slay the day. I’m not saying you should be wearing stilettos and ball gowns every day, unless you want to, but girl, you gotta look cute while you can. It’ll only get harder with time, so look fierce while it’s easy.


6. Let Him Be Your Prince
I’m aware that you’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself. You can carry that mega heavy bag of groceries, and you have no trouble pushing that sofa to the other side of the room. Don’t even get me started on how easy it is to open doors for yourself. But how you do expect your peasant boyfriend to act like a Prince Charming if you don’t let him? Let him do these things for you, let him be the manly man and let him know how happy he makes you.