6 Ways to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

Getting a guy to ask you out isn’t that difficult, but sometimes we all feel a bit unsure and don’t know what to do, especially around a guy we really have a crush on. Lucky for you we compiled a couple of tips and tricks you can use whenever you’re in that situation. They’re all pretty easy and should get your message across without being obvious or having to go out on a limb and actually asking him out yourself.



1. Eye Contact
A lot of girls feel shy around guys they like, whether they’ve known them for a while or it’s a handsome stranger they’ve seen across the bar. They tend to look away, as soon as their crush looks at them. That sends the wrong message. Instead, try to make eye-contact. If it’s someone you’ve just seen across the room, and they happen to look at you too – hold the eye contact for a couple of seconds to let them know you’re interested. If it’s a person you know, look them in the eye when you’re talking to them. Don’t stare at them the whole time, that would be creepy, but make occasional eye contact.

2. Get A Friend To Help
If you have a crush on someone you already know, but you only hang out with them in a group, get a friend to comment that “you’d make a good couple” or “when will you two guys start dating already” at the right moment. Make sure it’s a casual comment, and it doesn’t seem staged. Sure it might be a little awkward and you can both laugh it off, but that thought might stick in the guy’s head.

3. Be Open
Sometimes it just so happens that the guy we like might be interested but is intimidated by your body language and the way you behave. Try to make yourself seem open to conversation. Don’t cross your arms, your body language matters. If he comes up to start a conversation, don’t give him short answers, instead try to prolong the dialogue, ask him questions too.

4. Don’t Complain Too Much
No one likes a negative Nancy. Sure, a healthy dose of cynicism and some self-deprecating humor never hurt anyone, but try not to spend the whole time complaining. If all you do is moan about the trouble at work, or how lame your friend is – you’re not gonna be that fun to hang out with. Make sure to share some happy stories too.

5. Show Your Wit
Your character and wit matter even more than your looks. If you have a witty sense of humor, make sure to showcase it in a conversation. Every guy will appreciate it. After all, we all just want someone fun and witty to hang out with. But don’t waste all your witticisms in one convo, you’re not a stand-up comedian, be subtle.

6. Classy, Not Trashy
There’s nothing wrong with showing off what your mama gave you, but try to do it in a classy way. There’s no need to show off all the goods at once with sinfully short minis and extra deep v-necks, that can send the wrong message and attract the wrong kind of guy. And let’s be honest, none of us wants to talk to sleazy players. A nice decolletage is good, but no one needs a neckline so deep your belly button is showing. Keep it classy, not trashy.