7 Classic Mistakes Women Make With Men

Women are emotional human beings and more often than not tend to go with the flow of those emotions against better judgement. Sometimes we are so deeply in love that we choose to believe everything is possible, when in reality, well, some things just never change (especially if that ‘thing’ is your boyfriend). We, girls, also have a tendency to get lost in our dreams about the relationships instead of being present in the moment and experiencing them. All these things can easily drive a guy away! Here are 7 classic mistakes women make with men.



Chasing after him
It is true that we live in a modern world when a woman can ask a man out and it’ll be alright (kind of), but for the majority of guys it’s still not okay, and if it is, well, that’s a red flag right there. There’s no harm in showing interest if you like the guy, but taking matters into your hands and doing all the action is something you should avoid at all costs. Deep down inside guys are still hunters, biologically wired to go after the things they want. So if a guy likes you, it’s natural for him to make the first step and let you know about it. But even if you stumble upon a shy one and after all your advances he still seems more polite than interested in dating you – then drop it, girl! Chasing after guys has never done anyone any good.



Thinking you can change/save him
No matter what trouble he’s bringing into your lives – it’s not for you to fix. Whether it’s some kind of addiction, lack of job, or simply a few gross habits that drive you crazy, don’t think for a minute that things will change once you move in together or get married. Sure, people do change when in love, but because they want it themselves. They are the ones that initiate the change. If he hasn’t asked for help before the two of you started dating or didn’t even try to improve his life, this means he’s good with the way things are. Think carefully before going in too deep with him.


Playing the relationship game
In the beginning of the relationship when it’s all fresh and new all we can think of is the other person. Yet somewhere in the process our focus may shift and we start enjoying the fact of being in a relationship more than the actual person we have built a connection with. You start thinking about what you should do as a couple, rather than caring about his wishes and needs. It’s almost impossible to build a meaningful connection while you’re simply playing the game of relationship. Forget all the stereotypes and focus on your real life bond that may be imperfect, but will definitely lead to something genuine.


Being ungrateful
Everyone likes appreciation, but guys actually crave it in a relationship. You don’t have to comment upon each and every good little thing he makes, but when you notice a beautiful gesture, say something about it. If he’s insisting on paying the bill in the restaurant and you don’t mind, say something about it, too. Taking things for granted is the worse you can do to a guy and your relationship with him.


Committing before he does
Girls like the whole package of having a boyfriend and being in relationship so much, they are eager to jump into them ahead of time. It’s also true that guys like to keep their options open and are not too quick to commit to relationship. That’s exactly why you should be patient and not rush into things! If you want everything to be official – then wait for it, otherwise you might end up as a friend with benefits and that’s rarely something any of us wants.


Being too needy
Neediness usually comes out of insecurity and lack of trust. If you think that this guy is the one and he will magically make all your problems go away, then you’re in trouble. This type of mind-set will make you unhappy and demanding, which, in return, will make your man miserable as well. Being jealous and wanting all of his time to yourself won’t solve any of your problems, but will most definitely destroy your relationship. If you have a void inside you and you feel lost and lonely, no guy will ever fill that void, no matter how much you cling to him. Just remember that happiness always comes from within.


Getting lost in your dream-world
This may not be the most dangerous mistake of all, but it can ruin your relationship all the same. Daydreaming is something we, girls, enjoy very much, especially when we meet that guy. The one that makes you get butterflies in your stomach, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside out. We immediately start thinking about what it would be like in the future, when what we should actually be focused on is the present. After all, this is where the real action is taking place! So instead of dreaming what your wedding dress would look like, how about thinking of a romantic place for a date?