7 Ridiculously Stupid Things Couples Fight About

Perfect relationships aren’t about agreeing on absolutely everything, they’re about compromise and similar outlooks on life. They’re about sharing core values, while always being ready to truly listen to the other person and trying to understand their differences without judging them. However that doesn’t mean that people in great relationships don’t have fights. We all have fights sometimes, and I think it’s a good as long as it’s not too serious. So let’s talk about the ridiculously stupid things couples fight about all the time.



1. “Where Do You Wanna Eat?”
Choosing a place to go to for lunch or dinner can quickly spiral into a silly fight simply because these days we have too much choice. There’s cafes and restaurants on every corner and they’re all so different in terms of cuisine, comfort and atmosphere. So trying to choose just one is pretty freaking hard. So you end up in a 40 minute conversation about cafes that ends with you just deciding to order pizza.



2. “What do you want for dinner?”
Speaking of ordering in. Take out is so popular these days that even a simple question of “what do you want for dinner?” can become a source of stress. Do you remember the good old days where all you could really order was pizza or Chinese? That was nice, wasn’t it. These days you can get anything delivered to your door in 30 minutes flat, be it something as simple as pizza, sushi, Chinese, mac and cheese, or as complicated as a raw vegan gluten free dishes. And when you have all these options there are only 2 outcomes – order a bit of everything or nothing at all.

3. “What to watch?”
Here’s a funny thing. We live in a time when it’s easier to pick a movie at the cinema than decide what to watch at home. Cause in the cinema you can sort of take a look at the 10 -15 movies that are showing and decide which one seems the most interesting. At home – you have all of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu to choose from. Not to mention YouTube. I mean, you can spend the whole evening just scrolling through the endless options.

4. “Who is going to throw out the garbage?”
Garbage is such a silly thing to fight about, but we’ve all been there. First you have to actually decide whose responsibility it is, which is its own little fight. Cause how do you decide who’s the designated trash person in the house? On the other hand if you do it in turns – you’re bound to forget whose turn it is when. And even after you’ve figured it out – you’re still bound to forget to do it once in a while and that results in an argument. Everything would be so much easier if there was some sort of magical way of making garbage disappear.

5. “Do I look fat?”
It used to be a classic joke about women, as if we’re the only ones who feel that way sometimes. But these days even men find themselves asking this question. Thanks media, and the unrealistic expectations you set for everyone’s body shape. The worst thing is there’s no quick answer to the question of “Do I look fat?”. You can’t say – “yes”. That would be horribly rude. And you can’t say “Pfffft, no. That’s ridiculous”. That makes it seems dismissive. So you either have to choose your words and compliments carefully to please the other person or buckle in for a fight.

6. “I’m fine.”
If there’s one thing I know in this world, it’s that when someone says “I’m fine” they’re definitely NOT fine and it’s just a matter of time before it turns into a full blown fight. Hearing those words is like staring at a bomb who’s timer just started ticking.

7. Which way the toilet roll should hang
This is the most ridiculous, yet the most common reason for a fight. I can’t even count how many times I’ve had arguments with people about this, or how many times I’ve angrily switched the roll in someone’s bathroom. In fact I’m pretty sure one of the reasons I’m still in a relationship is because both me and my partner agree on this matter. If we didn’t I imagine we would fight all the time.