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7 Unusual Things Women Find Attractive in Men


Attraction is a weird thing, what one finds attractive another might find repulsive. Same goes for people. We all have different tastes and preferences, and what works for some might not work for others. Some of us like tall guys, others prefer shorter ones. Some women like ‘em muscly, others prefer lean men. The point it, as the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, as we all know, the media does push certain standards of beauty on us, and there are certain traits and features we all think of as “attractive”. There are also some scientific studies that say there are a few things that most people find attractive, and it’s more that just a fit body or a charming personality.



1. Owning A Dog
There’s just something about owning a dog that makes men appear more attractive to women. Perhaps it’s because owning a dog means you’re responsible, kind and easy going. Men who have dogs seem like they’ve got their life together and they have sweet and caring personalities, and who doesn’t like that?




2. Being Older
Some call it the George Clooney effect, but basically there’s a study that suggests women prefer older men. Young men are often all over the place and can be quite reckless, but when women look for long-term partners they prefer men who are more mature, both in terms of age and in their attitude toward life.

3. Wearing Red
The color red is often associated with love, passion and power. So scientists conducted an experiment in which they’ve showed women pictures of men wearing red, blue, green and grey shirts and most women said that the men wearing red were more attractive to them. It might also have a little to do with the fact that wearing red requires a lot of confidence and everyone finds confidence to be attractive.

4. An Interesting Career
According to Tinder statistics a career has a lot to do with swiping right. Men with more interesting careers are usually more attractive to women. So, you know, men in uniform like policemen, firefighters, pilots, but also doctors, TV personalities and entrepreneurs are amongst those that women swipe right on the most.

5. Playing Hard To Get
We often hear about women playing hard to get and how that only spurs men on more. Well, the same might be true when the tables are turned. Women find men who try hard to get to be more attractive too. So like, if a guy is being unsure and doesn’t let his feelings be known right away makes women more attracted to him.

6. Being Dark and Broody
This might sound ridiculous and like something out of a TV drama (perhaps that’s what influences us in the first place) but women find reserved and moody guys to be more attractive than the happy go lucky ones. Who knew that stereotype was actually based on a scientific study, huh?

7. Deep Voice
Have you considered what kind of voice you prefer when it comes to men? Let us guess, it’s probably a deep, rumbly one? Well apart from it sounding pleasing to our ears, there’s actually some science to it. Apparently our brains connect voice to size, so women prefer men with deep voices because it suggests they are big in size and therefore can protect them better. It’s also why a lot of women find that morning voice attractive, cause it’s usually an octave lower than usual.