8 Conclusive Signs That Tell You He is Single

People aren’t exactly upfront about their relationship status most of the time. Some just want to keep their privacy, others don’t see why it matters and there’s even some that are always on the lookout for something better. So how do you find out if the person you’ve just met is single and ready to mingle? Sure, you could just be very straightforward and ask them right away, but a lot of people will find that awkward, not to mention it’s a very personal question to ask someone you’ve just met. And even if that’s the route you choose to go with, there’s no guarantee that they’ll answer truthfully. However, we think there’s are a couple of things you can do, and a few signs that can tell you if he is single or not.



1. Snooping
Snooping is bad, but we’re all occasionally guilty of it. So if you end up at his apartment, you can easily notice if there’s any girly magazines around, or some feminine hygiene products in the bathroom cabinets. If there’s nothing like that – you can be sure he’s single.



2. Frozen food
Meeting a guy in a supermarket seems like a weird scenario, something that would only happen in a cheesy American comedy, but hey, if it happens you can be prepared. Take a peek into his shopping cart. If there’s a ton of frozen dinners in it – he’s probably single. We’re not saying guys can’t cook or buy fresh produce, they definitely can. But if he’s buying frozen dinners chances are he’s single.

3. Ask mutual friends
If you were introduced to this guy through common friends, you can ask around and figure out if he’s single. Seems like fair play to us. You’re not exactly doing anything behind his back, you’re just sort of testing the waters.

4. Suggest meeting his friends
Another good way to see if the guy is single is to suggest meeting up with his friends. If he’s got a girlfriend and you’re the side chick – he probably wouldn’t want to explain that to his friends. But if he’s single – he’ll have no problem introducing you to them.



5. Check online
The easiest way to check if they guy is single is to do a little online stalking. Facebook statuses used to be so telling years before, but these days few people choose to be Facebook official. However, there are many other ways to see if he’s single. Check his pictures on Facebook and Instagram, not only the ones he posts, but also the ones he’s tagged in. Take a look at his Twitter and who he talks to on there. All these things should give you a pretty good idea on whether he’s single or not.

6. Call him
Here’s another telling sign – call him. If he picks up every time he’s probably single. If he never does, and only calls you back after some time has passed since the missed call – he’s probably waiting to be alone, which means he’s not single.

7. Discoloration on ring finger
This is a harsh reality check, but some guys aren’t great people, and they cheat on their partners, even if they’re married. So make sure to check if they guy you like is wearing a wedding ring, and even if he’s not, still pay attention to his ring finger. If you see discoloration, it might be from the wedding band he took off.

8. Ask in a non obvious way
You can also just ask the guy, but you don’t have to be super direct if you don’t feel like it, or think it’ll be awkward. You can invite him to a party and say something along the lines of “you can bring your girlfriend with you too” and see what his answer will be. If he says “ok, we’d love to come” you know he’s taken. He might also respond with “I don’t have one but I’ll bring a friend if that’s ok” – then you know he’s single.