8 Girl Habits That Drive Guys Crazy

Have you ever made a list of annoying habits guys have? Of course you have. It probably includes walking around the house in underwear or not washing dishes, throwing their socks everywhere. Well do you want to know what guys put on their list of girl habits that annoy them? You’re about to find out.



1. Picking food off their plate
Yup, most guys don’t like sharing food. You might think “what’s the big deal? It’s just a couple of fries.” But they would much rather order you a separate dish than have you steal some fries from their plate.



2. Gossip
Not that every girl likes to gossip, but the ones that do make men nervous. Why? It’s not just that they don’t care about what’s going on in your friends lives. It’s that it makes them think you gossip about them behind their back too.

3. Crying
This is definitely a weird one, but men just don’t know how to deal with tears. You might’ve noticed that they don’t cry very often, and when they see you crying they just panic and have no clue as to what to do about it and how to make it stop.

4. Fishing For Compliments
In most cases it’s pointless asking a man what they think about a certain item of clothing and whether it goes with the rest of your outfit. They will tell you if they like it or not, but that’s about it. So save yourself some time and don’t bother.



5. Taking Ages To Get Ready
Men don’t have to put on makeup, they usually have short hair and the only choice they have to make in terms of clothes is “should I wear a t-shirt or a button down”. For them – getting ready is easy. They don’t really understand why it takes us so long to get ready and it annoys them. We bet if they had to live in our shoes for a day they’d take even longer.

6. Not So Vague Hints
Men are generally quite straightforward, so if they want something they either talk about it, or go get it. The art of hints is lost on them because they either don’t get the hint, or if they do, they feel bad for not thinking of it themselves. So next time you want something just say it, instead of hinting.

7. Dressing Inappropriately
We’re not talking about anything naughty here, get your mind out of the gutter. What we mean by dressing inappropriately is choosing outfits that don’t really match the occasion. For example, wearing heels for a walk in the park is silly, and so is wearing a little dress when it’s cold outside. Sure you’ll look great, but you’ll get cold or your feet will hurt, and who wants to hear all those complains when they’re out on a date.

8. Taking Up Most Of The Closet
We get it, you have way more outfit choices than any guy, but when you take up most of the closet with your stuff and leave your man a little shelf it makes them feel small and unimportant. So if you don’t want to limit yourself in terms of outfits we think having two separate closets is the best solution. One for him and one for you.