8 Lessons To Learn From Being Really Single That Make You An Awesome Girlfriend

Most people think that single people are sad creatures that spend most of their time either thinking about relationships or trying to create some. They couldn’t be more wrong! While it is true that some ladies believe that finding a boyfriend will solve all their problems, there are still those that find happiness in being single. They have all the time in the world to understand who they are and what they want in life. In fact, staying single has its advantages and does a great job of preparing you for future relationships. Want to know how? Here are 8 lessons you learn from being single that make you an awesome girlfriend.



You know how to be happy all by yourself
Being single means you find ways to have fun all by yourself (or with a little help from your friends). What makes this so awesome is that you aren’t afraid to be on your own as you always know what to do. Trying new things broadens your horizons, making you a versatile person that’s interesting to be with. Being single means you can explore and try a whole bunch of new things, which you can share later with your boyfriend.



You learn to appreciate all the people in your life
Relationships aren’t limited to romance only. When you spend a considerable amount of time on your own, you learn to appreciate all kinds of contacts starting with your family and ending with your best friends. Working on other relationships in your life helps you gain experience that is essential to becoming happy once you find the One. After all, many relationships start as friendships, and if you’re totally comfortable with guys being friends, taking the next step will become even more natural.

Your standards are pretty high now
You’ve spent a lot of time on your own because now you know better. After all those dates and relationships you know who you are and what you want in life. This means you aren’t easily impressed and will settle only for a partner that’s right for you. Your boyfriend will be the luckiest guy in the world as he’ll meet the most confident and cheerful version of you.

You realize that being single is OK and feel much better about yourself
After spending time on your own and observing other people as well as your own feelings you slowly change from being lonely to feeling free and happy. Once you get to that place, it becomes much easier to live your life and communicate with people in general.



Finding your perfect match may take a long time
That’s why you don’t rush into things and like to take your time with people. You’re not in a hurry to find a boyfriend just for the sake of finding a boyfriend. You don’t need to fill some kind of void inside as you’re perfectly aware that it’s a task only you alone can cope with. That’s why you are laid back in a new relationship and can fully enjoy everything that’s coming your way.

You’re always you
Being in love doesn’t mean you need to change everything from your habits to the music you listen. Being single have taught you that your personal space and interests are really important as they are an essential part of who you are. That’s why when you fall in love you don’t make silly sacrifices and unnecessary compromises. You’re also calm about your newly found happiness in a relationship and don’t turn into the annoying person who can’t talk about anything but the new boyfriend.

You know that best relationships often seem pretty boring
When on your own, you can be happy doing the most mundane things. The same goes for being in a relationship! When the two of you settle down a bit, you don’t have to do something exciting every time you get together. In fact, it’s likely that you won’t. Going for a coffee, watching Netflix at home, or simply spending time together while you do your own things – this is what makes you truly happy. Just being with the person you love is enough!

You realize there’s more to life than being in a relationship
Yes, being in a relationship has its perks with all the cuddling, dating, and kissing. It’s even better if you find your soulmate! But after spending some time alone you realize that you are the center of your own Universe. It’s not about becoming happy through relationships with other people, it’s about becoming happy and then sharing this happiness with others. When single you can fully explore what it means to be you – after that all your future relationships will be most delightful.