8 Myths About Men That Aren’t Exactly True

Men are so predictable. Or are they? There’s so many things we think we know about men but it turns out very few of them are based in reality. We think we can predict their interests, behavior, hobbies, etc, just based on their gender, but we can’t. Not to sound like your classic douchebag “nice guy”, but #NotAllMen fit these weird stereotypes. Today we thought we’d talk about 8 myths about men that aren’t exactly true.



1. Men Hate Talking About Feelings
Now that’s something worth talking about. It’s not that men don’t want to talk about their feelings, it’s that society tells them they’re not allowed. For some reason by society’s standards feelings are these silly things that only women are allowed to talk about, when in reality everyone would benefit greatly from talking about their feelings once in a while. And every woman will know that men do talk about their feelings, they just need more time to get comfortable doing it.



2. Men Love Sports
Sure, and all women knitting. Sounds absurd when you put it that way, doesn’t it? There’s plenty of men who have absolutely no interest in sport and would rather read a book, or even bake a cake. And isn’t that just lovely?


3. Men Aren’t Emotional
Oh they are. Have you ever seen them play with their dog? Or how they react when their favorite team wins? Have you not seen the countless YouTube videos of proposals and wedding where men cry tears of joy? They’re as emotional as we are, it’s just that society brought them up to not show it most of the time.


4. Men Are Immature
A lot of women think men in general are quite immature. They even try to back up this myth with some “science” about men developing slower than women, and while yes, boys generally go through puberty later than girls, what does it have to do with their levels of maturity later in life? If a person is immature it really has nothing to do with their gender, and has way more to do with their upbringing.



5. Men Play It Cool
This is something we’re taught from a young age. If a boy ignores you or is mean to you – that means he likes you, he just doesn’t know how to show it. What a load of nonsense. Sure, sometimes men will play it cool for a bit to see if you’re interested, but quite a lot of them have no problem just being open and actually quite blunt about it. It just depends on their character and how confident they are.


6. Men Only Like Models
This myth makes men seem very superficial and that’s just ridiculous. If this was true we would never survive as species. And the only people who would procreate would be models. Oh what a weird world that would be. Sure, men might notice model looking girls more on the street, but same is true for women and handsome model looking men. That doesn’t mean that that’s the only thing they care about. Character, sense of humor, chemistry and many more things matter to men so much more than model looks.


7. All Men Are Good With Technology
Ah-huh, and that’s exactly why my dad’s favorite way of fixing the TV is hitting it on the side and hoping that works. Trust me, being good with technology it’s not something that’s coded into their DNA, it’s a skill and some pick it up, and others don’t.


8. Men Don’t Care About Their Looks
Such a classic, but it’s completely false. Men definitely care about their looks, especially in these days of Instagram based looks and fitness goals. We can guarantee you that the casual look your guy is sporting didn’t just happen on accident. He did not just roll out of bed and put on whatever smelled least offensive. He most likely spent a long while putting his outfit together and that hair wasn’t an accident either.