8 Signs He’ll Be A Good Dad

Finding a nice boyfriend is one thing, but finding a partner who will be a good father to your future kids is a whole other problem. It’s not that easy to determine if one will be a good dad. I mean, we all occasionally have that moment where we see our boyfriend or just a cute guy on the street being adorable with a kid, and we think “yes, he’ll be such a good dad”, but will he? Or does he just look cute with a kid? What are the criteria for a good dad? Well, it’s hard to tell, but we came up with a couple of signs that we think will guide you in the right direction.



1. He Helps You Out
If you want hands on dad you need someone who’s ready to help you out around the house. I mean, if he just sits there playing video games while you clean around him – that’s not a good sign. You want someone who will immediately get up and say “let me help you with that”. Cause let’s be real, no one wants a guy who doesn’t know how to change a diaper.



2. He’s a Dog Owner
Some might say that comparing kids to puppies is rude, but hey, they both poop and you need to clean up after them. No but seriously, having a puppy is no joke, it requires a lot of time and effort and taking care of a dog is not as easy as it might seem. So chances are, if he has a dog, he knows how to take care of it and he won’t have a problem cleaning up after a kid or taking care of the baby if it gets sick.


3. He Nursed You Back From A Hangover
Listen, it might sound weird, but if you find a guy who saw you hugging the toilet bowl at 3 am and then actually volunteered to go get you your favorite hangover food or cooked you a breakfast and nursed you back to health – he’s a keeper. You want someone who will take care of you when you’re not feeling your best.


4. He’s Good Under Pressure
You want the future father of your kids to be good under pressure. You don’t want someone who gets angry when shit hits the fan and you don’t want him to panic either. You want someone who immediately snaps into problem solving mode. That way you’ll know that if the baby starts screaming in the middle of the night he’ll run towards in, not in the opposite direction.



5. He’s Got His Life Together
Let’s be honest, you need someone reliable and someone who’s got it figured out to start a family. You want a guy who’s got his life together, his finances in order and a plan for the future. Cause as much fun as being reckless can be when it’s just the two of you, it’s not fun at all when you have a kid.


6. He Doesn’t Take Himself Too Seriously
Being able to laugh at yourself, be goofy and just not take life too seriously is crucial for a good dad. He needs to be able to be silly and play around with his kid. No one likes a stern, serious father who has no time for playing and goofing around.


7. He’s Not Afraid To Show His Emotions
You want a guy who isn’t scared to show his sensitive side. You want someone who’s always ready to hug it out and talk about feelings. You want him to lead by example and talk things through when you have a kid. Emotionally unavailable dads who believe men don’t cry are so last century.


8. He Wants To Be A Good Dad
And finally, and possibly most importantly is to find a caring guy with a big heart who actually wants to be a good dad. No one is perfect, we all have our shortcomings. Not every guy knows how to cook, or how to build furniture, or how to change a diaper. But if he really wants to be a great dad he’ll try his damn best and learn.