8 Signs of Untrue Love

Some people search for true love their whole life, others mange to find it on the first try. But which of these two cases are you? Is the relationship you’re in right now that perfect one that will last forever, or is this just a temporary fling and you haven’t realised it yet? Are you two meant to last? Is this just a rough patch you’re going through or is this the beginning of an end? There are certain signs that can show you if this is true love or not, and we’re about to let you in on some of them. It’s up to you whether you want to know the truth or remain oblivious.



1. The Chemistry Is Wilting
Chemistry is a very important part of every relationship. Most relationships will have it at the beginning, but after a year or two it starts to fade unless you work on it. If you feel like the chemistry between you and your partner is wilting and you don’t really feel like doing anything about it – that’s a sign it’s not true love.



2. You Don’t Read Each Other’s Mind
We’re not talking about the freaky kind where they literally read your mind (no matter how convenient that could be) but rather the sentiment that suggest you’re on the same page. You know, when you think about something and suddenly they bring it up in conversation and it seems magical that you were thinking the same thing, or when you finish each other sentences. If you don’t get that at least once in a while – it’s probably not true love.


3. No Talk About The Future
True love is all about wanting to spend the rest of your time together. But if you don’t talk about the future, the things you want to do, places you’d like to go together, if you never make plans further than a week in advance – it’s probably not true love.


4. You’re Constantly On Edge
If you find yourself constantly overthinking, worrying about what you say, in case they disagree or become angry – it’s not a good sign. Same goes for when you text them – do you just send whatever you’re thinking about or do you have to retype all your texts a couple of times to get the perfect phrasing? If you’re constantly on edge – it’s not true love. True love is way easier.



5. They Don’t Seem Happy To See You
If they seem annoyed by your mere presence sometimes or feel cornered and upset when you pay them a surprise visit – it’s not true love. They should always be happy to see you.


6. You Don’t Exchange Compliments
Compliments are the easiest way to make a person feel good and loved. It’s such an easy thing to do. Just something along the lines of “you look great in that dress” or “you’re a smart cookie.” Why wouldn’t you say something like that to each other? Maybe because it’s not true love?


7. They Bring You Down
What’s even worse is when instead of paying each other compliments you instead bring each other down. If you or your partner constantly point out each other’s insecurities and complain about all the things they’re doing wrong – it’s a very telling sing too.


8. You Feel Judged
Judgement is the worst thing that can happen to a relationship. If you find yourself judging your partner or you feel judged by them – something is seriously wrong. True love is all about accepting the other person and their flaws. Judging someone has nothing to do with true love.