8 Things You Need To Know Before You Say “I Love You”

Whether you are in a relationship for one month or one year, dropping those three words is always a big deal. So many things can go wrong! This simple phrase can elevate your relationship to a whole new level, but it can also break them just as easily. There’s no going back after you say the “L” word, so there are few things you might consider before doing that. Here are 8 things you need to know before you say “I love you.”



How well do you know him?
It’s good you have all the warm and fuzzy feels, but passion and lust are not the only things relationship are built upon. Do you know how many brothers and sisters he has? Does he have good relationship with parents? All these things help you know and understand a person better and you really want to have that before dropping the “L” bomb.



How serious are you?
If you and your boyfriend are spending most of the time in bed (which is completely alright), you might want to wait a little bit before confessing your love. Take your time, see where this relationship takes you, and whether your connection goes beyond the bed sheets.


Think about the timing
There’s no good or bad time to say “I love you” but timing is still important. You don’t necessarily have to wait for the perfect moment, whatever that is, just make sure it’s the right one. Blurting out these words during a hot love-making session can do more harm than good. You want your partner to be focused on what you’re saying and what you actually mean by saying those words.


Do you have ulterior motives?
Sometimes we subconsciously want to utter those special words not because we’re so much in love with the person, but because we’re feeling insecure about the relationship. Saying “I love you” won’t make things better if you’ve hit a rough patch. If anything, they will only complicate things. Ask yourself whether your desire to confess your love comes from a truly happy place or not.



Understand the responsibility
It’s true that lately people have been using the “L” word more carelessly than back in the day, but it is still a big deal for most people. Look inside you and find out what you mean by saying these words and what kind of commitment you’re making. Understand yourself first and then it’ll be easier when you say the actual words.


Think whether your partner is ready
Saying these words too early in the relationship will only lead to confusion. You may be romantically involved with your boyfriend, but is he 100% present in your life? Are you sharing everything with each other or there are still some secrets and parts of him you know nothing about? Listen to what your gut tells you and act accordingly.


You may not like the answer
For some people it’s easy to say “I love you”, while it takes ages for others to come up with the courage to confess. Even if the feeling is mutual and your partner feels the same about you, he may not be able to say those words right back at you. Be ready to accept any outcome!


Just say it
Of course, you can wait for your partner to spill the beans first, but if you really want to say the words, just do it! If you’re feeling in love, while understanding your intentions and the responsibility that comes with the phrase, then go ahead and confess. It’s a risk worth taking!