9 Signs He Lost Interest In You

While some true love does last forever, it’s unfortunately more frequent that relationships have an expiration date. These are some warning signs that your partner might be losing interest, and in turn, you might end up losing him. Keep an eye out.



1. You’re seeing a lot more platonic behavior from him. The flame is dwindling, and the passionate electricity the two of you once had between each other now seems to have faded. This is a sign he might start viewing you as just a friend instead of a lover and long-term bae.



2. He’s been making more excuses. Suddenly and more often than ever, he’s having to run errands or mysteriously busy all the time. Even if he’s not doing anything shady, this proves that you’re not a priority in his book anymore.


3. He’s stopped asking questions. Asking about your significant other helps you learn more about someone, and if someone stop asking how you’re doing, it means that they don’t care or are losing interest.


4. He’s started to become very indecisive or indifferent. The passion is gone from the exciting decisions the two of you would make together, and if he seems to shrug over everything, he might not care as much as he used to.



5. He’s hanging out with the guys a lot more than usual. Having different interests and your own social life is integral to a relationship, but when it seems like the other person is avoiding you, things can get complicated.


6. He just seems annoyed and frustrated at every little thing, nitpicking at the small stuff that the two of you used to not even notice because you were so in love. Picking silly fights over meaningless things is a red flag.


7. Things somehow feel awkward now. Whereas you used to talk for hours or be able to sit in comfortable silence, now everything is forced and both of you feel as though you’re walking on eggshells, trying not to offend each other.



8. He’s stopped talking about the future, or at least including you in it. He says the word “I’ instead of “we” which means that he’s stopped thinking long term about you, and is a warning sign he might be heading out the door soon.


9. In times of stress or need, you don’t feel supported whereas you used to. Supporting someone is hard and time consuming, so if they’re already ready to check out of a relationship, that support will be even more lacking.