9 Tips For Moving In With Your Boyfriend

Lots of people these days move in with their partner before marriage. It makes sense for those who are in long-term relationships, and the ever-rising rent prices sort of push us into taking that step sooner rather than later. And while it might be a very good idea for a lot of people, it’s not always exactly what you expect. Seeing someone almost every day and living with them are two very different things. Moving in with your partner is not a step you should take lightly. And while I can’t prepare you for every single situation I thought I’d give you a couple of tips and talk about things you should keep in mind and think over before taking the plunge.



1. Get Rid Of Clutter
First things first – you need to get rid of clutter. You might think you don’t own that much stuff, but once you start packing you’ll quickly realize that there’s a lot of crap you’ve accumulated over the years. You might have space for it if you live alone, but remember that now you have to share your space with another person and they have things too.



2. It’s “Our” Space Now
Whether you’re living with your parent or alone you’re probably used to having your own space. Be it a room or an entire apartment that belongs only to you and no one else. Well, chances are you and your partner aren’t moving in to a huge house, but into a rather small place, so you’ll have to share everything. That space becomes “ours”. Yeah, that bathroom is no longer just yours, that bed that seemed so huge and comfy – now you only get half. It might not seem like a huge change, but it really is, and it takes some time to get used to it.


3. The Obvious Bonus
I don’t want to only list negatives so here’s an obvious plus of moving in with your partner. They’re always there for you. If you have a hard day at work and all you want is to come home and cuddle – you get to do that. If you need someone to talk to and give you advice – they’re there for you. When you need someone to just listen to you – they live with you. It’s very nice.


4. Fights Are Hard
Everybody fights from time to time, but when you live together fights might become overwhelming. You no longer have the option of leaving and going to your apartment to calm down and get your wits together. You don’t get to ignore the person for a couple of days and cease all communication. The best you can hope for is leaving to a different room for a little breather or going outside for a walk.



5. Compromise Is Key
When you live with your partner you have to learn to compromise. Things can’t just be your way all the time. You have to be willing to talk, find different solutions to a problem or sometimes do things their way. It’s all about give and take.


6. Cooking Together
There’s two sides to this. On one hand cooking for two is way more fun and feels better than cooking for one. On the other hand, if you have a small kitchen, like many apartment complexes do, it can be quite hectic and annoying to have two people there at once. Cooking two different meals at once can be virtually impossible, but if you have similar tastes in food – you’ll be fine.


7. Going Out
When you’re living with your partner (a.k.a the person you like the most) it might become a habit to stay in. After all, you no longer need to go anywhere to see them, they’re right there every day. It’s very easy to just cook at home or order pizza and watch a movie in your pajamas. But you need to go out sometimes to keep the fire burning if you know what I mean. Dress up once in a while and go on a proper date, it’ll do you both good.



8. No More Hiding
One of the things you have to realize before moving in is that you don’t have anywhere to hide. You can no longer pretend you’re always put together and know what you’re doing. All your secrets, weird habits and quirks will become obvious within the first month. So do yourself a favor and stop pretending, be yourself and figure this out gradually while you’re still living apart. Cause it can be quite a shock if it all unravels at once.


9. It’s Ok To Want To Be Alone
Some days you’ll miss your room, your apartment, your life when you were single. And that’s normal. We all want to be alone sometimes. It’s ok to want to leave the house just to be alone with your thoughts. Don’t stress about it, go for a walk or to a cafe, have a day by yourself, or go on a weekend getaway with a friend. By the time you’re back home you’ll miss your partner and the life you’ve built together.