8 Things Guys Do That Always Make Women Explode

Have you ever been called crazy by a guy you’re dating? We’ve all been there at some point. Why does this happen though? It’s not like we’re all just acting weird for no reason. The truth is that men often do some pretty ridiculous things and then expect us not to react to them and just pretend that it’s alright. We try our best, but sometimes you have to let all that tension and feelings out and it comes out a bit crazy. But we know there’s a reason for it, and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today. The things guys do to make women feel crazy.

1. Not Texting Back On Time
We’re not saying you always have to reply within a second, but it’s really freaking weird when you have a conversation going, it’s back and forth all the time, you see them typing the reply, you see those three little dots and then suddenly they disappear for hours. Without as much as a “brb” or anything. They just stop mid text and disappear on you.

2. Leaving The Read Notification On
It’s one thing when you text someone and they don’t reply right away. We get it, you might be busy. But when you see that the message has been read but not replied to – that makes us crazy. So you had the time to read it, but didn’t feel like acknowledging it? Ugh.

3. Not Checking Your Instagram
Not to sound too much like a crazy attention seeking instablogger, but this is legit weird. It’s understandable if the guy isn’t really on social media. But if he has an Instagram account that he updates regularly, but he doesn’t watch your Insta Stories or doesn’t like your pictures – you gotta wonder, why?