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What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship


Do you know that your sleeping position can tell a lot about your relationship? The thing is, in your sleep you can’t imitate or hide your emotions. Your subconscious feelings and attitude are on the surface when you sleep. That’s why you should pay attention to your and your partner’s sleeping positions to analyze your relationship. Sex expert Tracy Cox thinks that the closer you and your partner sleep, the stronger your relationship is. Here are several positions and their real meaning. It’s time to find out do you and your beloved one realy match!
“Touching” Positions
“Touching” PositionsNo matter what position you choose – you touch while sleeping. If so, that means you are committed lovers. You care about each other and keep your connection 24/7. There can be several variations of the position:

  • If your partner’s arm is hugging you that means he is imperious, strives to dominate and in a way, control you.
  • If his hand is between your hips or under your arm – that means his desire to rely on you, search for support, dependency and inability to live on his own.
  • If he is touching you with other parts of body – heels, knees, toes – it means he is shy and afraid to be too pushy.
  • If you are touching with your butts than you have a more tight but unfocused contact, which is a sign of mutual respect and independence in relationship.

‘Happy Couple’ Position
'Happy Couple' PositionThe spoon position is often considered to be a position of a happy couple as you are both connected and feel secure in it. However, it is also important how exactly you are positioned.

  • If the man is behind it means he is a leader in relationship, taking care of the woman. The tighter he hugs the woman, the more he shows his ‘paternal’, proprietary and even jealous feelings about her.
  • If a woman is behind, then she has protecting tendencies or even being an ‘educator’ in the relationship, and she strives to be closer to her man.

‘Got Your Back’ Position
'Got Your Back' PositionIf you sleep back to back with your partner it means you are a really strong couple, and when awake you are in team relationship rather than a superior-inferior one. You can rely on each other, you are affectionate but you are not overly needy because you respect each other’s personal space.


‘Tight Hugs’ Position
'Tight Hugs' PositionIf you sleep hugging it goes without saying – you are definitely in love and your relationship is based on harmony and mutual understanding. This position also has meaningful details:

  • If your legs are entwined, it means you are ready to hold and take care of each other.
  • If your partner’s head is higher than yours, then he dominates in your relationship.

‘Need Support’ Position
'Need Support' PositionIf you are lying on your back and your man sleeps in embryo position near you, that means he is seeking your support. For one reason or another he feels insecure but he can’t tell it straight. You should start a conversation and find out what bothers him – that will help you reach an understanding and give the support your partner needs.


‘Post-Argument or Pre-Divorce’ Position
'Post-Argument or Pre-Divorce' PositionIn psychology this position is called the freeze maneuver and it is a warning for the couples that something went wrong. The position is distant, each partner sleeps with their back to the other one, and there is a gap between them, which symbolizes emotional distance. Each is on a separate side of the bed, not touching each other. If you sleep like this you subconsciously show your anger or offence to your partner.



‘Sign of Trouble’ Positions
'Sign of Trouble' PositionsThe freeze maneuver is not the only disturbing sleeping position. Other positions that can signal about troubles are:

  • Your partner is sleeping on the edge of the bed, all hunched over.
  • Your partner is sliding down from the top of the bed, and it seems like he is trying to escape.


That means your partner wants to distance himself. The two of your may not have enough trust or you may have a latent conflict brewing. Anyway your relationship is not as smooth as you may think when you are awake.


Now, all you need is just to pay attention to your sleeping position and put your bed and your relationship in order. Sleep tight and love each other!